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American Classicist

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Our Take On It 

First published in 1989, this updated edition celebrates this seminal American architect.

Between 1912 and 1968, Philip Trammell Shutze produced over 750 architectural works. Because he was so prolific, the book examines only his most essential work, which as a body represents an architec-tural achievement of a very high order of refinement, grace, and beauty.

A graduate of Georgia Tech, Shutze stayed one year at Columbia University before he won the prestigious Rome Prize, traveling shortly thereafter to Rome. There he remained for five years, learning everything he could about the great buildings of the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

On his return to the U.S., Shutze worked in New York for Mott Schmidt, who designed townhouses for such families as the Astors, Morgans, and Vanderbilts, and he also worked for F. Burrall Hoffman, whose master-piece is Villa Vizcaya in Miami. Within a few years, though, he returned to Georgia, to design in the Classical and traditional styles some of the most beautiful buildings ever to grace the American landscape.


The Details (Are Everything)

  • 256 Pages
  • English language
  • Hardcover
  • Released in April 2022
  • 9.29 x 1.07 x 12.31 inches


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