• Rooms: Steven Volpe (6639060254835)
  • Rooms: Steven Volpe (6639060254835)


Rooms: Steven Volpe

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Our Take On It 

Steven Volpe combines a minimalist approach with a classical sensibility and a connoisseur’s appreciation for authenticity. Adept at mixing pieces from different periods—eighteenth-century pieces combine with midcentury furniture and contemporary art, for example—Volpe brings a richness to his modern interiors.

Volpe was one of the first to champion loft living, moving into a 75-year-old converted warehouse, but he brings his classical training into the modern spaces he favors. “I learned what was appropriate and proper, and now I, too, can break those rules,” he says. One of the ways Volpe breaks the rules is by melding art with decor in his interiors, endearing him to a sophisticated, artistic clientele.

This volume showcases ten recent projects, exploring work in a range of spaces, from New York City penthouses and modernist California homes to a traditional London townhouse. Each project displays Volpe’s refined sensibility and understated luxury, showing how he creates thought-provoking environments that quietly stimulate all the senses.

With stunning photography and in-depth essays by Volpe and Architectural Digest writer Mayer Rus, this handsome volume offers inspiration and ideas to designers, art lovers, collectors and homeowners.

The Details (Are Everything)

  • 272 Pages
  • English language
  • Hardcover
  • Released in September 2021
  • W 9.25 x L 12.25 x D 1.3”
  • 5.11 lb


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