The Videographer plays a key part in sharing the story of A.K. Rikk’s. He or she will work to highlight not just what we sell, but also who we are as a company. The Videographer, working together with the marketing department, will execute all styling video content and event coverage to be shared by A.K. Rikk’s.


• An obsession for delighting customers and desire to produce exceptional content.

• Able to quickly turn around high quality video content with excellent time management skills.

• Proactive problem solving, both technically and creatively, with constant attention to process


• Proven to excel with fast-paced project time frames, re-adjustment of priorities, and just-in-time


• Able to manage multiple projects and meet tight project deadlines.

• Excellent and proven range of digital video production and post-production skills.

• Hands on knowledge of all equipment (cameras, lighting, audio) and technologies (HDR, VR,

  compression formats) in a video production environment. Graphics and animation experience is a bonus.

• Advanced knowledge of video production software.

• Communicate effectively with individuals and groups- both what you need from them and what

  they can expect from you.

• Able to actively participate in giving/receiving constructive feedback during creative presentations and   design reviews with Marketing Manager and Marketing Producer.


• Create memorable and lasting impressions through video assets that generate interest and

  excitement about A.K. Rikk’s

- highest priority on Personal Shopper styling videos


• Executing styling video content daily in a range of different settings (3-5 videos on average per week)

- Follow daily shooting and editing schedule provided by Marketing Producer’s vision and

Producer’s expectations

• Follow the marketing process and participate as invited

• Perform post production work, such as color grading and audio adjustment

• Videos uploaded to relevant channels for marketing use

• Responsibilities may be added and eliminated as needed.

• Owns the publishing of video content to Youtube and pages.

• Works with Marketing Manager and producer on Youtube Ads.

• Responds to comments and interactions on Youtube, connects staff on any leads

• TV wall content formatting and publishing