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Personal Shopper


Personal Shoppers at A.K. Rikk’s have the unique opportunity to dress anyone for any occasion with access to the best quality and selection of brands to choose from. As a Personal Shopper you help create excitement around our merchandise and provide the right solution for our clients. You understand that A.K. Rikk’s is committed to a customer experience that is unmatched, and that every day offers the opportunity to turn a visitor into a loyal A.K. Rikk’s client.



• Able to deliver great customer experiences and energized by constant personal interaction

• Strong communication skills

• Positive presence on Sales Floor

• Desire to constantly learn and share knowledge

• Driven by a desire to serve others

• Able to work well as a part of the Sales Floor team and help as needed without hesitation


Role Ownership

• To provide expertise and an unmatched level of service to all of our clients.

• Be the tool our clients rely on to be dressed for every day and occasion.

• Build a repeatable business.

• Follow Sales Process

• Embrace that A.K. Rikk’s is committed to an unmatched customer experience and that every visitor to the store is an opportunity to create a loyal client.



• Follow Sales process each and every day with every interaction.

• Achieve Sales goals as set with Sales Manager.

• Serve your clients and deliver the A.K. Rikk’s experience.

• Attend all mandatory meetings.

• Manage alterations for your clients.

• Be at Post – address each client that walks through the door. Offering and getting a drink in their hand is your in. “Water, coffee,

wine?” Remember, post is not an “up” system.

• Create relationships & earn trust. Those relationships and trust will get you referrals.

Tasks and responsibilities may be added and eliminated as needed.


Reports to: Sales Manager