Male Model


The Model plays a key part in the A.K. Rikk’s Online Experience. The role will work with the E-Commerce Styling team to create

impacting visuals for our webstore and more. The Model will further the brand image and help us create impactful displays of our

products for all to see. We are looking for a male model to be employed part time.



• Modeling Experience Preferred

• Film or Runway Experience Preferred

• Flexible Schedule

• Good movement and posing skills

• Ability to maintain a consistent body type/weight

• Ability to maintain grooming/hygiene

• Great attitude

• Detail Oriented

• Organized

• Time efficient


Role Ownership

• Reliability and consistency on shoot days to maintain schedule and brand standards.



• Follow the Model process to maintain efficiency on E-commerce shooting days

• Model for both still and video to create content for our webstore and social media

• Attend in-store sales meetings to model featured clothing

• Attend events to model featured clothing

• Responsibilities may be added and eliminated as needed.