Inventory Specialist


At A.K. Rikk’s we deliver exceptional experiences to every person who walk through our door. We put an emphasis on first impressions. The Inventory Specialist is responsible for the handling and care of the merchandise and other assets purchased by A.K. Rikk’s. The role must provide a solid channel of communication between the sales floor, visual, and shipping and receiving. By keeping back stock organized and efficient, the Inventory Specialist will provide value to the sales floor. By monitoring the inventory levels of assets, the role will ensure we always have access to what is needed.




• You hold yourself accountable and are committed to success. At A.K. Rikk’s, we expect each employee to “own it”, by taking pride in their role, responsibilities and themselves.
• You exist to serve. Our servants heart sets us apart from the rest of the industry. In this role, you will take any opportunity to exceed expectations, serve our clients and deliver an exceptional client experience.
• You are confident in getting your work done efficiently. You do not procrastinate! Whatever is out on your plate, you know how to get it done.
• You can use your strengths and talents that are unique to you to do more with what you have.
• Your contributions are key in making our brand a success!



• Strong organizational skills, quickly evaluating every situation.
• Ability to think quickly and perform problem-solving tasks, even within changing conditions.
• Able to manage and meet multiple inventory deadlines each week.
• Willing and able to provide feedback and hold others accountable.


• Previous retail knowledge and experience is preferred.



• To champion inventory & shrink.
• Ensure that all 1500 sq. feet of back stock areas are organized, up to standards, and follow processes put in place.
• Serve all internal customers through organization, process, and communication.



Role responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
• Uphold following policies: Held Items, Paid Items
• Verify all received merchandise is tagged correctly and the move from S&R to holding area.
• Ensure merchandise leaving the store for drop offs and deliveries through Shipping and Receiving has been properly accounted for in POS (check items against receipt).
• Execute daily and weekly objectives for role; including but not limited to: Cycle Counts, Back Stock Audits, Non-Sales floor store walk through.
• Ensure that all refrigerators are organized and stocked to standards.
• Inventory and order beverages according to Beverage Process.
• Responsibilities may be added and eliminated as needed.