E-Commerce Operations Manager


The E-Commerce Operations Manager will provide operational direction to the A.K. Rikk’s Digital  Merchandise Department and be responsible for the workflow, processes, and outcomes of the department to  ensure development of the akrikks.com e-commerce channel functionality and success.




• You hold yourself accountable and are committed to success. At A.K. Rikk’s, we expect each employee to    “own it,” by taking pride in their role, responsibilities and themselves.  

• You exist to serve- Our servant’s heart sets us apart from the rest of the industry. In this role, you will take       any opportunity to exceed expectations and serve your team while being humble.

• You work well with others and create a family like atmosphere. 

• You are passionate about pursuing knowledge about your role and channel. You are results-oriented,  love       solving problems and ultimately finding ways to improve. On top of that, you love to share the  knowledge       and results you learn.  

• You continually embrace and drive change. Fashion is an ever changing and fast-paced environment. You       love change and constantly roll with the punches, pivoting to the needs as you go.  


• Takes ownership of problems, seeks resolutions, and responds appropriately to changing situations.

• Strong project management, organization skills and delegates tasks to the correct areas.

• Ability to plan and communicate expectations/ strategies - can give clear direction and guidance to ensure     quality work is completed within the timeframes.  

• Ability to work in a self-directed, fast-paced environment.  

• Ability to energize and galvanize the e-commerce team in stressful or problematic situations to result in a     positive outcome.  

• Ability to lend a hand where help is needed and remain humble.  

• Data driven – reflects on information given to come up with valuable solutions.

• Able to give clear and honest feedback to the team when needed.


• E-Commerce knowledge and work experience 

• Shopify + SEO Knowledge 

• Leadership and/or Management Experience 

• Styling clothing / outfits on mannequins, men and women for e-commerce (preferred)



• Guide and oversee Product Photographer and Copywriter daily work 

• Own the user-experience functionality of the site 

• Execute strategies for e-commerce campaigns with Marketing Manager 

• Maintain the visual standards of akrikks.com  

• Constant pursuit of growth for akrikks.com 



Role responsibilities include, but are not limited to:  

• Supervise Digital Merchandise Department workflow by evaluating and holding the team accountable using daily   communication and tracking sheet.  

• Manage all external / internal communication about the E-Commerce department

• Daily audit of user experience on website and site functionality 

• Maintain A.K. Rikk’s Brand Standards while appealing both to in-store and online clients.

• Maintain homepage updates to keep customer engagement on a weekly/bi-weekly basis in collaboration with   Marketing Manager. 

• Research e-commerce trends and practices for evaluation and potential use for akrikks.com.

• Approve and set live all e-commerce channel products. 

• Adhere to the best SEO practices. 

• Adhere to vendor e-commerce guidelines and maintain relationships. 

• Perform merchandise audits: ensuring all inventory is uploaded, assets are available, in the correct categories, the   correct styles and have the correct inventory quantity using Netsuite and the Product Tracking Sheet. 

• Collaborate with Buying Team on best-selling brands and categories. 

• Maintain department guidelines (Style guide, editing guide, tagging sheet and tracking sheet).

• Manage and maintain all studio equipment and supplies. 

• Source images from vendors to increase Product Photographers output. 

• Assist in all areas of the department as needed to ensure the team’s success. 

• Responsibilities may be added and eliminated as needed. 




At A.K. Rikk’s we deliver exceptional experiences to every person that walks through our door. We put an emphasis on first impressions. We are looking for a detail oriented Visual Assistant who understands the importance of those first impressions and values the details. Their work is the first thing a customer sees which helps set the tone of the store. The Visual Assistant role offers the chance to provide help and support as needed, focusing mainly on the needs of the visual department. 


• You hold yourself accountable and are committed to success. At A.K. Rikk’s, we expect each employee to “own it”, by taking pride in their role, responsibilities and themselves. 

• You exist to serve. Our servants heart sets us apart from the rest of the industry. In this role, you will take any opportunity to exceed expectations, serve our clients and deliver an exceptional client experience. 

• You are confident in getting your work done efficently. You do not procrastinate! Whatever is on your plate, you know how to get it done.

• You can use your strengths and talents that are unique to you to do more with what you have. Your contributions are key in making our brand a success!


• Detail Oriented

• Organized

• Desire to fully complete projects

• Strong eye for aesthetics

• You are a team player and help as needed without hesitation

• Experience in visual merchandising is preferred

• Ability to lift 40lbs


• Assist the visual department as needed by filling, upholding visual standards, and performing other tasks as directed.


• Refill both men’s and women’s sales floors every day

• Support visual moves on both men’s and women’s

• Help maintain sales floor during peak volume times (go backs and upholding visual standards)

• Responsibilities may be added and eliminated as needed