Danielle Block

Some people have an intuitive approach to style. They see the beauty in fabrics, textures, color and can bring a balance to all those parts. They can feel out a mood and deliver a moment. It’s a holistic perspective and Danielle Block has it. She’s versed in the sustainable movement and appreciates craftsmanship at every level, curating the precise experience that we want out of our fashions. She’s wild for denim and leather (can’t get enough of it) and is a layering genius especially when it comes to a cream and tan monochromatic ensemble (her specialty). She’s also certified in Reiki (a type of energy therapy) that helps her ground her energy and be her best self, living an intentional life, digging deep to harness her instincts. It’s an attitude that serves her well when pairing with clients for their distinctive style-filled destiny.


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