A.K. Rikk's Customization Weekend

Join us for an experience that is all about YOU. Whether you’re gifting for the holidays or tired of your typical, mass produced and off-the-shelf fashion and home décor, we are here to serve you with the extreme luxury of personalized pleasures. With the focus on items that belong solely to you, our guests may commission pieces that are crafted to their distinctive tastes. Let the world know who you are through customized gold jewelry, cashmere embroidery, handmade gloves, stationary and more. We'll be kicking off the weekend with an opening reception on Thursday October 21 from 4-7PM featuring specialty cocktails!

Everything is to your unique specifications and includes the following made-to-order brands: 

Begg x Co - On site custom embroidery for scarves and more! (Thursday - Saturday)

Pineider - Custom and luxurious stationery and invitations (Thursday - Friday)

Sovereign Artisan - Bespoke Multi-brand experience and artisanal handmade excellence that includes leather, shearling, and outerwear, handmade shirts, neckwear, gloves, and more. (Thursday - Saturday)

Atelier Paulin - Customizable fine jewelry with French craftsmanship (Thursday - Saturday

FPM Milano - Choose custom color / finishes and add monogramming (Thursday - Saturday)

TMB - Suiting known for small, artisan tailoring and unique production technique (Friday - Saturday

You won't want to miss this. Schedule your one on one customization appointment using the form below!