A.K. Rikk's Starts The Red Hanger Club

A.K. Rikk's Starts The Red Hanger Club

We have always been told that shopping at A.K. Rikk’s is like being part of an exclusive club and we couldn't be happier with our club of amazing clients who support us. We define a club as "a group of like-minded individuals who enjoy the same interests in life" -  which is why oSeptember 7th we will be officially launching A.K. Rikk’s first Brand Membership Club!  

We have long been an integral part of telling Isaia’s story and we have an unbelievable following which warranted the idea of A.K. Rikk's creating a club for like minded gentlemen. We want to reward our members with special offers, one of a kind pieces, private dinners, excursions and a collective voice to tell us how to continue to deliver the service you deserve.
So how does it work?  Starting on the 7th of September, the first 20 guests to purchase a suit or a sport coat (to qualify for your first "red hanger") will officially be enrolled in The Red Hanger Club.  Isaia is collaborating with us by creating a custom Red Hanger Club label for your garment with your name on it to signify that you are a part of the start of this journey! You may elect to not participate, but the option is yours. Once 20 members are selected, we will invite you to a dinner at a later date and discuss how others could be qualified to be a part of the club.  We are so excited to be partnering with Isaia and to serve you better.

Corallino is a character developed by Gianluca Isaia (CEO and face behind the amazing Italian company). He's "product of Gianluca Isaia's mind and heart". You could say, he's a figment of Gianluca Isaia's imagination. He exists to introduce you to Neapolitan Hand Gestures, a centuries-old culture of communicaiton, comprehensible to anyone, anywhere and anytime. To see more, click HERE

The brand is recognized by its tiny red coral logo, which is a good-luck charm in Naples. This red coral is on all suit coats and is easily identifiable. It is believed that red coral sprang from mythical origins. As the legend goes, the Greek hero Perseus killed the Gorgon Medusa and wanted to deliver her head as a wedding present to the King of Seriphos, who was about to wed his mother. On his way home, he saw the beautiful Andromeda chained to a rock and about to be eaten by a sea monster. Wanting to save her life, he killed the beast and then sat on the bank of the water to wash his hands. When he set the sack with Medusa’s head besides him, her blood dripped into the water and transformed into what we know as red coral. 

"Grinze" is a subtle pleating detail on the shoulder of handmade Neapolitan shirts- an elegant feature that Isaia does not overlook. Want to see and learn more? 

Join us to view the latest Isaia Made-to-Measure collection next weekend! We are kicking off the weekend event with wine tasting on Friday from 5pm-7pm. A wine sommelier will walk you through grape varietals and delicious wines from regions of Italy. A lucky guest will win the "2013 Gaja Sperrs" bottle of wine from the Piedmont region. ($300+ Value)

Gaja is one of the stars of the world wine scene, a producer that is widely credited with transforming not just the image and international reputation of its native Piedmont region, but of Italy as a whole. It has had a significant impact on the way that Italian wine is grown, made, priced, distributed and marketed. Gaja is one of a handful of fine wine brands that can compete with and charge the same prices as the top names of Burgundy and Bordeaux. Sperss is a wine of profound beauty. Perhaps one of the best wines coming out of the continent. This is a velvety and caressing expression with dark fruit layers followed by kirsch, cassis, leather, balsam herb and white truffle.

Click HERE to RSVP to this event! We hope to see you there! 

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