A.K. Rikk's X Brunello Cucinelli Fall 18

A.K. Rikk's X Brunello Cucinelli Fall 18

Brunello Cucinelli Men’s & Women’s Fall & Winter 2018 collections are a feast for the eyes. Our A.K. Rikk’s X Brunello Cucinelli event from April 18 – April 20 will feature these pieces in our studio as we host the largest collection of men’s and women’s Brunello Cucinelli in the country. Guests will cozy up by the fire while taking in the Italian wines and ambiance- experiencing the collection as it was meant to be with a combined effort from both teams. What makes these collections so unique?

Women’s Collection 

According to Cucinelli, in this collection, “projections into the future and primordial echoes nonchalantly coexist, retro atmospheres and folk references combine to convey a unique and natural character. References, surfaces, time periods and seemingly far-away territories converge in the culture mix to create fun daywear with a contemporary twist. A creative synergy between instinct and reason elaborates folk inspirations, luxurious fabrics, seventies influences, artisanal techniques, sartorially inspired patterns, floral prints and embroideries with a vintage mood and seductive feminine details.”  

At the Milan showing, Vogue emphasized, “The trophy pieces were the four-yarn intarsia hand-knit separates that jumbled clusters of differently colored cashmere, mohair, alpaca, and extra-fine cashmere yarn amidst a scattering of sequins. One cardigan apparently took 32 hours to make; a longer coat, 44. Around these pieces, Cucinelli placed a lot of rich but muted-toned velvet and velvet corduroy tailoring punctuated by strapped cummerbunds; more mirrored velvet jackets; and woolen paper-bag pants and jackets in Prince of Wales checks and other menswear patterns. These were worn over shirting and knits patched with lace and more sequins.”

Men’s Collection

 Before trying any of the looks for the men’s collection, Brunello Cucinelli roams his own company- showrooms, factory, etc.- asking real men for feedback on fit, fabrics, etc. The results of these “workshops” are on display for the fall collection. According to Vogue, “While in keeping with the well-established Cucinelli look, there were subtle tweaks on fit, which was slightly looser, and on proportions, with jackets and pants slightly longer: just-nuanced improvements, detected only by the trained eye and by the many diehard Cucinelli aficionados, but effective in giving the look a fresh update. As for the made-in-Italy fabrics, corduroy velvet was treated almost as cashmere, feathery light and supple, for comfortably stylish pantsuits paired with cloud-like alpaca sweaters. Shearling peacoats were likewise buttery soft. Styling was kept simple yet layered; colors were warm and tonal. Like everything else in the collection, they were tastefully blended and balanced with flair.”


Check Out The Collection

Love what you’ve seen here? Join us this week! Ask your Personal Stylist for shopping and cocktail party details or schedule an appointment.



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