In Conversation with Rueben Antonio

In Conversation with Rueben Antonio

Sunshine, green grass and flowers. It’s the spring starter pack so it makes sense that we collectively go crazy for florals. You can count on A.K. Rikk’s to gear up for spring in the most fun way with our Florals & Fashion event on Thursday, April 11. A creative collaboration with local Event + Floral designer Rueben Antonio means you’ll get a front row seat on floral aesthetics (and that’s a fun skill to develop). Rueben will be leading two floral workshops the day of the event to kick-off a fresh new season blooming with growth, artistry and seasonal fashions.


Floral Event Graphic


Clients, followers and fans of A.K. Rikk’s will surely recognize Rueben’s work. From  high-end brand events with Pamella Roland, Brunello Cucinelli and Isaia to name a few, Rueben‘s talent stands out with stunning aromatic creations that are high-end and luxurious, harnessing a vibrancy that elevates any space.

Floral Designs by Rueben Antonio

If you’re new to what we do at A.K. Rikks and new to Rueben Antonio’s resumé, take a moment to learn more about the local Anthophile (it’s someone who loves flowers). We discuss his creative process on designing coveted floral arrangements and his favorite blooms of the moment. 

What do you do/specialize in? How long have you been doing this?

“I have been doing this for about 20 years and specialize in floral and event design as well as aesthetic consulting ranging from high profile events and weddings to photoshoots and commercial work. I do a lot of my sourcing of florals locally as well as in New York for their available quantities and unique varieties.”

What do you love about what you do?

“The creativity + seeing my clients' visions come to life.”

What are your favorite florals?

“Playa Blanca roses are a rare white rose that are one of the most fragrant on the market.”

What is your relationship to A.K. Rikk’s?

“I have been working with A.K. Rikk’s for years now. I’ve been helping them with special events, client gifting, ect. We share a lot of the same clients who appreciate luxury

and beautiful things.”

What are you most excited about for this event?

“I love meeting new people and wish to make a positive influence on their lives. I enjoy the freedom and creativity that my company provides to the fashion community.”

Let the promise of spring inspire you to try your hand at floral composition from a local talent with the Florals and Fashion Event this Thursday April 11th! Tickets for Rueben’s workshop are limited but still available. Indulge in creative guided instruction while assembling a take-home masterpiece inspired by the latest in spring fashions. Intoxicating flowers, fresh fashions and invigorating cocktails are all under one roof for you to enjoy (and the first two items can be taken home to enjoy a bit longer). 

The rest of the event is FREE and open to the public all while sipping on curated drinks from Cocktail Connection. All guests (regardless if attending the workshop) enjoy a one-day-only shoe and handbag promotion: Get 10% off any one retail handbag/shoe OR 20% off if buying two handbags/shoes.

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