How To: Tie White & Warren Travel Wraps

How To: Tie White & Warren Travel Wraps

The Cashmere Travel Wrap is an A.K. Rikk's style staple from White & Warren, and has been loved by celebrities, influencers, and stylish people of all ages for over two decades. The lightweight cashmere makes this an easy answer for unpredictable weather, chilly offices, travel, and even dressy enough for shoulder baring evening wear. A truly versatile accessory. Another amazing feature of this piece is the variety of ways you can style it! Take a look below for our 6 favorite ways to style the travel wrap! The wide variety of color options has made this wrap a fun collectable accessory and the perfect gift! Choose from this season's bold new hues or select from our always in-stock classic color ways.  

The Loop

Double the travel wrap so that you are holding both ends in one hand. Put the doubled over scarf around your neck so that the loop end is just below your collarbone. Pull the two ends through the opening of the loop and adjust until you are comfortable! 


The Gigi

Drape the travel wrap around your neck without twisting. Adjust the wrap so that it hangs equally on both sides. 


The Waterfall 

Loop the travel wrap around your neck, leaving one end at the mid-chest level. Take the longer loose end and pull it through the original loop at your neck. Pull the end through, leaving a draped piece of wrap to hang in folds across your chest. 


The Fling

Put one end of the travel wrap over your left shoulder. Take the loose end of the scarf and twist it twice on the outside of your right shoulder. Fling the extra piece of the travel wrap over your left shoulder, creating a cape effect. 


The Drape Tuck

Adjust the travel wrap so that one end is twice as long as the other when you drape it around your neck. Pick up the longer end and loop it once around your neck. Adjust so that both ends hang equally long on your torso underneath the loop. 


The Fake Knot

Fold the travel wrap in half and drape around your neck. Place one of the ends across and through the loop, while placing the other end through this new loop. 


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