What To Wear: From the Boat to the Yacht Club

What To Wear: From the Boat to the Yacht Club




If you’ve been invited on a boat or yacht- we’d like to help you look the part! It’s always important to embrace the lifestyle and truly feel a part of the great marina outdoors. 

We’ll touch upon men’s and women’s boat attire with two mindsets: simple pieces for comfort and function as well as bougie style that celebrates the glamour of stepping aboard a yacht and entering the never-ending party of nautical elegance. Both attitudes are important. Unfussy and practical or leaning (way) into the glitz of outdoor living, your style will be anchored to how you want your day on the water to unfold.  



A day on the boat, but make it fashion, right? As a woman of impeccable taste, you’ll want to assemble a few pieces to ensure that you can enjoy the sun, seaspray and sunsets all while wearing what makes you feel best.  

Simplicity means the easiest basics to create an environment and atmosphere where you can enjoy your time on deck. Relax with staple pieces that speak that watercraft language. Assemble a collection of tank dresses, easy tees, shorts, casual skirts, breezy gaucho or palazzo pants and some white linen pants to show off that tan. Barefoot living is here but if you’d like you may pack some flip flop inspired sandals. 


Need a little nautical inspiration? Pack high-rise sailor pants, anything with a Breton stripe, red and white color combos and accessories such as jewelry and belts. 



The wind will certainly pick up so make sure to bring along a sweatshirt or refined sweater so you can embrace the chill with class.  For a laid-back day ensemble, we suggest Rag and Bone's yellow Be Kind sweatshirt. It’s worry-free (completely the vibe you’re going for here) with a sly sophistication. It’s an elevated basic that’s ideal for layering so a denim jacket, knitted cardigan or poncho may be worn over it. Pair it with a small bag for when you head off to lunch at the yacht club. It’s all about keeping it cute but informal. 




Bougie has us thinking about moonlit dinners dripping in romance, right? We suggest navy dresses, midi skirts, sophisticated pants and tanks and jewelry that screams high-sea adventure and pirate treasure. Okay, so we get carried away here, but that’s the point! Wide leg pants and rib tanks are pieces we crave. Pair with over-the-top, Jackie O sunglasses, a long necklace and your best sandal slides to keep you in theme but tip you overboard in terms of panache. If sunning is a priority, pair it with a wide-brimmed sun hat. It's everything we love about creating our own stylish spot in the shade.




Your agenda is filled with wine tasting, deck observations and feeling the wind whip through your hair. You have a good sense of style on land but you’ll need to switch gears for your time among the waves. Packing your favorites means you can never go wrong.  

Simplicity is going to look like charming basics for you. This area is ripe with opportunities to finally loosen up. Board shorts, polos, tees, tanks, and sweatshirts are absolutely in the Yacht Life Starter Pack. It’s a chance to use those boat shoes or luxury sneakers to keep your footing (especially if you’re asked to lend a hand on something). 



Imagine a time for brunch where you talk business or just swap tall tales while relaxing in materials that are breathable and offer loads of stretch. A lightweight, waterproof jacket is a nice touch to stay dry along with a little more coverage. Gentlemen, shades are a must so have fun with it and pack a few pairs to switch up your look. It’s crucial that you bring along as much lightweight, breezy clothing in a soft weekender bag and let the magic of your stay dictate your no-worries style. We suggest the a polo and short by Theory. It has minimalist character, a slim fit and it’s constructed of a breathable fabric that’s a chameleon of sorts. You may wear it casually or elevate the look for a dressier social scene all depending on what you pair it with. 



Bougie has a sense of wonder and besides, you’re on a luxury yacht, why not make the most of this experience? Bring out your finest polo shirts, button-front linen tops and tropical attire (this is prime time to bring that stuff out and embrace the mini vacation spirit). A leather sandal works here on a night when you want to show up to dinner looking a bit more formal. Consider this: a pink pastel polo top, navy gingham button-down or chambray piece offer effortless upgraded visuals. A cool evening might require a heftier cable knit sweater or a navy sportcoat flush with gold crested buttons to show your good taste. When in doubt, yellow and navy colors look sharp together and have that preppy appeal that can slide in here as well. May we suggest an option in footwear that provides easy on and off to pair with your anything-goes yacht trip? The Midas slide sandal from Ancient Greek is sleek and simple but offers modern flare. It’s a luxe piece in a gorgeous camel leather with a natural, two-toned jute stripe that fits open-air style perfectly. 


Need a little nautical inspiration? Your whole getup should have that coastal man at leisure appeal so play around with cheeky and fun prints including anchors, sailboats or sea-inspired motifs.


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