SS20 Trend: Refined Optimism

SS20 Trend: Refined Optimism

Understanding the moods, colors, fabrics and patterns behind a trend gives you the confidence to purchase key pieces and bring the look to life. 

How it feels: As if you’re doing your best impression of a graceful and captivating lady in a vintage painting. Wrapped in a breezy dress adorned with vintage florals, your hair is set in loose curls and you hold a crochet bag filled with fresh-picked daisies for your beloved. 

Now is the time for optimism in any form. Refined Optimism is akin to a summer’s breeze on your shoulders--free flowing, fresh and romantic. The silhouettes are feminine and unrestrained in transparent soft chiffons, luxurious silks and artisanal and organic cotton crochets. There’s a natural allure here and a deep backstory with pieces that have antique inspiration perfumed with femininity. From refined or casual pieces, this trend embraces fabrics that are soft, have volume and lightly tempt with delicate hues. Sustainability weaves its way through this narrative with attention to organic fibers and transparent supply chains. Bottom line: Almost every style has the feel of looking through an old photo album. 

The tiered dress becomes your calling card. Transparent materials deliver softness and an ethereal mood. If it looks antique or from a bygone era, wear it. Lean into crochet for its flower child sensibilities. Off-the-shoulders or one-shouldered designs add temptress appeal. The delicate shades are pretty convincing...

Idyllic and peaceful pastel tones wash over this elevated trend for an elysian outlook. Rock Melon on certain skin tones delivers a monochromatic moment. It takes its cue from sunsets, vacation cocktails and is just peachy (thanks for asking).



Heather Rose is a muted plum that’s agreeable, is fond of silk and has a glass half full (of rosé) kind of personality.



The most coveted shade on our color menu is Banana Sorbet. It’s just a whisper of yellow, like a ribbon in your hair. It’s a creamy and calm tone that’s as inviting as a glass of lemonade. This slice of sunshine can be found on organic cotton and summer suede. 


Hopeful is how you enter and develop this trend. It makes perfect sense that you seek out antique florals for that natural nostalgia that resides within botanical patterns and cutesy ditsy prints. The same goes for vintage ethnic florals with large leaf designs that recall faraway locales. Fabrics such as sheer chiffon are upgraded with embroidery or floral details. The breakout star has to be crochet cotton. Work this pure and natural treatment into your wardrobe with tops featuring crochet sleeves or bold crochet trim on the shoulders. Long crochet loops have a peekaboo effect and matching two pieces put a spotlight on artistry and can bring a monochromatic appeal to your style.

The trend landscape translates into one big collective sigh with Refined Optimism. To keep in theme, key garments and accessories perfume this entire mood, creating a fresh new narrative on our days. Gather the following treasures to embrace the theme: 

  • A floral, maxi-length prairie dress is the perfect way to sweep into a room. 
  • The vintage pouch has us clutching little soft leather bags with bows. 
  • Create a layered look with tiered dresses that continually create movement.
  • Long, knee-length shorts have a demure look and mimic skirts. 
  • Head scarves are a sweet reminder of the past and work for bad hair days. 
  • The one-stop fit of a leather jumpsuit in soft pastels is ladylike and luxe. 
  • Retro slingback heels are a playground for bows, polka dots and jeweled toes.

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