SS20 Trend: Metamorphoses

SS20 Trend: Metamorphoses


Understanding the moods, colors, fabrics and patterns behind a trend gives you the confidence to purchase key pieces and bring the look to life. 

How it feels: As if you’ve been invited to a glamorous soirèe and you slip away to the restroom to powder your nose when your reflection in the mirror is stunning. This vignette of your sculptural mini dress and statement earrings of sparkling metallic has left you feeling transformed. 


It’s all about the moment of change here. Metamorphoses continues where the Future Actions trend left off last fall. This season, a wink of softness is added and the aesthetic is more toned down in shapes and colors. This theme explores innovative influences in volumes and fabrics and means the style has duality. There’s an undercurrent that’s more feminine, romantic and nature-inspired. We advance toward the future with novelty materials with transparent and translucent aspects and a  glittery appeal for a look that changes like quicksilver. There’s a touch of refined glamorous 80s-influenced androgyny (but a little of that goes a long way). This trend is difficult to hold or contain and continually moves into a new realm of expression. It’s fashion, in flight. 

Refined modernity is your muse. You take your fashion cues from experimental volumes that create new boundaries and depth. Reflection and transparency are the bookends to your days. You become one of the most glamorous characters in a story you manipulate. 

Like holding a prism, the colors that appear with this trend have a way of mutating. Purist Blue is a cold, light blue that’s at once smoky and soft. A clean tone, it is both a reference to nature and spirituality as well as a gateway to galaxy inspiration.


Soft Metallics add a sense of celebration to any outfit. Earthy sparkles and a wink of shimmer boost the futuristic appeal here.

The pastel tone that’s modernized with added brightness is Neo Mint. It’s mint chocolate chip ice cream without the chocolate. It’s a vibrant hue that’s feminine, forward and when used in small doses, an electric current running through your wardrobe. 

When it comes to where you’ll find or create this movement, slip into sheer organza for its otherworldly allure. Sequin jersey and metallic jacquard is where you can harness the shine and reflective surfaces that serve you well. Art Deco shapes have innovative influences that seem natural here. The color fading in the dègradè technique creates continual change in one piece of fabric. Finally, zebra patterns are nature’s contribution to this trend’s inherent individualism and freedom. 

The climate is ever-changing with metamorphoses. To keep in theme, key garments and accessories streamline your style for this futuristic, advanced look that will leave them spellbound. Assemble the following items to fully execute the trend: 

  • The ignore-proof asymmetrical bustier top is the unexpected hero we need. 
  • Sheer trench coats allow light to pass through and deliver transparent views. 
  • Sculpted mini dresses with volume look like a walking piece of art. 
  • Flattering high-waisted pants (tight or loose) throw it back to the 80s. 
  • The bold shoulder jacket adds masculinity for a chic, battle of the sexes contrast. 
  • Eye-catching embellished sunglasses are a welcome diversion of shine and illusion. 
  • Transparent heel sandals are a flirty, show-all style that’s clearly space age, right? 
  • Statement metallic earrings are the bold sculptural decoration that advances your look. 
  • Geometrical shape bags are an ever-evolving parade of angular, sphere or triangle forms. 

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