Spring 2019 Trend Report

Spring 2019 Trend Report


A.K. Rikk's is passionate about providing YOU with the best service, clothing, and styling the world has to offer. Because of this, the A.K. Rikk's Buying Team has been working with expert fashion consultants from Paris, Lambert & Associates, to make sure our hand selected pieces are fashion forward and on trend. Lambert & Associates has over 60 fashion experts on staff who go to all of the Fashion Weeks, analyze the shows/presentations, and create digestible content for retailers like A.K. Rikk's, Nieman Marcus, etc. to use as they are planning for the upcoming seasons. This year, we invited the team from Lambert & Associates to train our entire staff on this important trend content. This training allows us to provide the most educated information to all of our clients on what's happening in the fashion industry as a whole as you make important buying decisions. We want you to trust us with your business, and that means investing in data and training that allows our staff to help make you look and feel your best.

Below is a summary of some of what we discussed at the 2019 Trend Conference for spring. 


Fashion is an expression of what is often times happening in culture. Common themes in menswear are: Rebelling against conformity, disruption of gender fluidity, and celebration of fatherhood. Consumers are embracing their identities, and customers as well as designers are moving away from a traditional take on menswear to a more imaginative approach- embracing color and pattern and experimenting with varying shapes and proportions. Strict gender confines are becoming increasingly antiquated. Gender neutral or fluid pieces, brands and collections becoming more and more common and more and more accepted by consumers. Athleisure has also played hugely into the promotion of unisex and genderless brands and style: inherently, sweats and other trendy athletic inspired pieces are more genderless. On the runway, everyone from Gucci to Tom Ford have shown men’s and women’s clothing together, and other designers have presented collections that don’t easily fall into predetermined gender categories.

Common themes for women are similar- consumers want to express one’s indenity, be themselves, and challenge what it means to be a woman in 2019. Society is no longer as preoccupied with the notion of perfection, and people are looking to buy into brands that express more than just something unattainable and aspirational. Now, consumers prioritize different things, looking for aspects of their own personality reflected in brands: newness, something unique and different is now more of a luxury than an elusive piece from a wait listed brand. Today, people share so much of their private lives with the world, so that the ‘clothes on their back’ are no longer the only outward expression of their personality. The world sees much more now. For this reason, consumers want to create a full lifestyle emersion of their own tastes. Consumers curate and share their own universes which includes not only fashion but home, dining, travel and lifestyle. While the shockwave of the Weinstein scandal and “Me Too” movement reached the Fashion world, the concept of femininity has shifted to empowerment. This empowerment is increasingly visible in today’s society and on the catwalks, with fashion designers offering a plurality of visions of the female gender- ultra feminine and sexy, androgynous, powerful working girl, etc.


Although the conference featured 15 colors for this season, A.K. Rikk’s is featuring 6 which will be highlighted throughout the season : Lapis Blue, Lemonade, Prairie Brown, Green Foliage, Fiery Metallic, and Pink Pearl.

Lapis Blue: Bright, Vibrant blue / Shocking and electric element / Stimulating cool tone / Vamped up with hi saturation.

Lemonade: Softer summer take on the ubiquitous Gen Z Yellow / Cross between highlighter yellow and a pastel tone / Simultaneously soothing and energetic.

Prairie Brown: Soothing to the eye / warm twist of a neutral / down to earth

Green Foliage: Dark and Rich / emerald Green / Profound depth of color / Influenced by widespread Interior decoration flora trends / Seasonless shade

Fiery Metallic: Elegant and Sophisticated / eye – catching / Captivating accent

Pink Pearl: Light baby pink / opalescent finish / Adds volume and texture to the shade / continued popularity of shimmery or otherwise multidimensional colors


Although the 2019 Trends for men and women were different, we’ve combined them to represent what is happening across the board: Romantic Garden, Mood Enhancers, Authentic Austerity, and Modern 80’s.

Images by https://www.emilydekoster.com

 This is a modern take on romanticism, and a trend that expresses something much more than an aesthetic. This trend takes nostalgic romanticism and turns it into something much bolder and stronger, communicating a deep and powerful message about the flexibility and diversity of modern masculinity and femininity. We have seen menswear creep closer and closer to womenswear trends, with the particularly interesting development of the increasing flexibility with which men are open to embracing features that were typically considered as feminine. This trend is a clear expression of this tendency, with floral prints being reinterpreted for men’s clothing in unique, impressionistic ways and has a delicate freshness and softness to it including florals, botanicals, landscapes, ruffles, and more.

With social and mass media more widespread than ever, we live in a time where perfection is expected. With everyone voluntarily putting themselves under the microscope, fashion can become stressful. Mood enhancers is a trend that will see colors harnessed for their natural abilities to improve moods and unlock better psychological wellbeing. With society more open to holistic healing practices, even such as color therapy, mood enhancing dressing through bright colors with unique personal appeal to the wearer will be a big trend in the upcoming season. This also includes a nostalgia and nod to the 90’s when color combinations and color blocking was so popular with sporty architectural sneakers and retro tracksuits being among the statement looks within this trend.

This trend takes on the paired back, minimalist look and takes pride in clean, bright pieces that are timeless and elegant. Often here, products will come from the more ethically or eco focused companies, looking to help men and women build elegant wardrobes in a socially responsible manner. Brands in this category are focusing on adding value to products through authenticity and transparency, as well as appealing to customers’ increasing expectations of ethical production and emotional connections to brands they buy.

This trend has nods to an era widely remembered for what was deemed by many as distasteful and unfashionable, but its back with a modern twist. Looks in this trend are rebellious, fierce, strong, dramatic, and allow some risk taking. Perfection is traded for quirk and decadence. This trend is a new wat to rise up against perceived norms and is a bit rebellious. 


Shop these trends and more from our recent fashion show HERE. We'd love to help make you look and feel your best with this season's trends! Which one is your favorite? 

All Fashion Show Images by Emily Dekoster

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