10 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas: Right From Your Closet

10 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas: Right From Your Closet

It's October, and deciding on your Halloween costume can be fun... but it can also be time consuming, expensive, and overwhelming. Let us help you! Consider dressing up as one of the iconic celebrities/characters from pop culture and entertainment below with current pieces from our favorite brands or from pieces you already own that you can continue to wear again throughout the fall and winter! Take the looks from the runway to the par-tay (see what we did there? 😉). 

Adele at The Grammy Awards Costume

You'll have to find your own Grammys and warm the vocal chords, but we can definitely help you look the part of Adele. A velvet dress, classic heel, and statement earrings are all you need! Don't forget the hot rollers and to make your entrance to the party with "Hello... it's me."


Margot Tenenbaum in The Royal Tenenbaums Costume

Margot is secretive, promiscuous, and independent. We don't sell cigarettes, and we can't cut off half of your finger, but we have the essentials to bring Margot Tenenbaum's look to life. Layer this beige Anne Vest coat over a navy and white dress for a similar silhouette. Add loafers, a bag, a hair clip, and way too much eye liner, and you're ready to go.


Hugh Glass in The Revenant Costume 

Hugh Glass was a frontiersman and fur trapper of few words, but many skills. He is mauled by a bear, drags himself out of his own grave, tears raw fish apart between his teeth, dodges bullets, has his ear bitten off, and sleeps in a horse carcass. While all of the above requires your creativity to recreate, let us handle the outfit: Double breasted shearling coat, leather belt, and boots.


Midge Maisel from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Costume

Brush up on your stand-up routine! We can help you look the part in this pink coat, fuchsia dress, shoes, hat, and bag, but it's up to you to act the part of Midge Maisel from this hilarious comedy (nominated for 6 Emmy Awards and won 5 this year). Her style is that of an elegant Jewish woman from the late 1950s in New York's Upper West Side, so make sure to practice the accent, too! 


Mr. Rogers from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Costume

Honestly, you could wear any combination of cardigan, button up shirt, dress pants, and tennis shoes, and nobody would have a hard time identifying you as the lovable Mister Rogers. If you really want to make an entrance, though, make sure to whistle or sing "Won't You Be My Neighbor" as you enter the Halloween party and change from your dress shoes to tennis shoes near the door. 


Cruella de Vil in 101 Dalmatians Costume

We hate to admit it, but Cruella de Vil actually kills it in the fashion department of the live action Disney version of 101 Dalmatians. She is vindictive, snobbish and very glamorous in varying textures of black, white, and brown. This coat, dress, heel, earrings, bracelet, and handbag outfit is a combo we know the fashionista would approve of. Add some hair dye, and you're ready to go! 


Miscellaneous Characters in American Hustle Costume

Dress to impress your friends with style right out of the late 1970's. Many of today's designers are pulling inspiration from this era, and taking these looks to the extreme is perfect no matter what character you're trying to portray from American Hustle. To achieve this look, you should dress monochromatically in color, accessorize with gold, and utilize pattern/texture like fur, velvet, corduroy, and silk. Add some pattern in your shirt, and make sure to leave a couple extra buttons undone.


Cat Woman in The Dark Knight Rises Costume

Leather on leather on leather! The look for Cat Woman is equally badass and sexy. Pair these pants, shirt, boots, and gloves for a monochromatic look in color and texture. Add some ears, a red lip, and practice your best thief/cat moves, and you're ready to party! 


The T-Birds in Grease Costumes

The only thing slicker (Grease-ier) than each member of the T-Bird's hair is the perfect slim leather jacket (just don't let Cat Woman steal it 😏). Combine this with a red or white t-shirt, black or blue denim, and some aviators and you're ready to burn up the quarter mile. Your outfit is covered, but make sure to brush up on your musical moves to really impress on the dance floor. 


Tony Hunter and Gaby Gerard in The Band Wagon Costume

Finally, be the ultimate power couple, Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse, from 1953's hit The Band Wagon. This suit and dress combo is the perfect marriage of Los Angeles meets New York as Tony Hunter looks to rebound his acting career. Add his and hers dancing shoes and a little bling for a gorgeous and fun look- bonus points if you learn the entire dance to "Barefootin." 

Shop these looks and get your Halloween costume set in store and online today! Want some additional help shopping? Have another idea? Let our Personal Shoppers help you achieve what you're hoping to accomplish this Halloween! 

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