A.K. Rikk's Core Values

A.K. Rikk's Core Values

Core values are very important to us as a company. They are the "how" we will achieve our mission and vision. In today's day and age we are all so different. Each of us were brought up in different generations, with different values and totally unique life experiences. How can a group of people so different all come together and achieve a goal? Core values. A set of rules that we use to give us synergy. A way to communicate to one another and push each other to be the best versions of ourselves.



Our Values

Own It

Being accountable for you is what the Brand needs for success. It is imperative to take pride in your role, responsibilities, and yourself.

Embrace and Drive Change in Others
With change comes new challenges. Be vulnerable to the opportunity and encourage others in change.

Create Fun and Weirdness
We are different and our passion may be considered weird by some. In order to sustain our innovative brand and creative culture, we must encourage weirdness and embrace fun. Those qualities are what make us different, and that’s a good thing.

Do More With What You Have
You have strengths, talents and resources unique to you and when you choose to dig deep is when you add the most value. Make your contributions key to the success of our brand.

Pursue and Share Knowledge
Each person should be on a quest for mastery. Only knowledge that is shared can add value.

Communicate Open and Honestly
“The gap between reality and expectation is frustration. The way to close the gap is through communication.” - Rick

Build a Positive Family Atmosphere
Treat others how you want to be treated. Through mutual trust and respect the family we’ve created at A.K. Rikk’s is able to truly depend on each other.

WOW Everyone
We exist to serve, and ultimate service always goes above and beyond. Never miss the opportunity to wow someone.

Be Humble
Find a quiet confidence. Greatness is found in the mundane.

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