ISAIA Spring 2019 - The Partenopeo Spirit

ISAIA Spring 2019 - The Partenopeo Spirit

We are about a week away from the ISAIA Spring Party, and we are thrilled to offer the Spring 2019 collection to our clients through a unique space and experience. Read below to learn more about the collection from ISAIA:

The collection takes inspiration from the “partenopeo” spirit; a Neapolitan term referring to the people of Naples themselves, a word which is so widely diffused, full of various meanings and interpretations.

Adding further inspiration to the collection is a series of 70s-inspired prints with gypsy, floral motifs.

Oriental and hippy inspired patterns, recalling the young people who were known as “Flower Children” in the midst of the protests after 1968. A Seventies blend of fantasy and freedom which naturally entwines with elegant, Neapolitan tailoring for men. A kaleidoscope of colours and fun patterns to dress and emphasize the clean forms of the collection’s refined tailoring; the ISAIA aesthetic, between tradition and innovation. The stand-out Melton Coral Flower brings the whole collection together. It features as an embellishment on the suit and jacket collars. It also features on shirts, sports trousers, and jersey knitwear. Ties and accessories also boast the Melton Coral Flower. 

Vivid, chromatic shades- typical of the 70s- are paired with a more classic and masculine, neutral palette, bringing balance and unimaginable style to the pieces.

The tones vary from shades of blue, to navy, Naples blue with touches of green and orange, whilst the blue interacts with the brand’s emblematic colour; red. Grey create weaves, particularly in lighter tones, from pearl to anthracite grey, which mix with turquoise and dusky pink, military green and ochre, a gathering of chestnut and burnt shades. Energetic colours, vital emanation Colours take on a natural passing of tonality, from ivory to beige, from desert sand to chocolate, teamed with optical white, violet, and sky blue.

We love the direction Gianluca Isaia went with the Spring 2019 collection and can't wait for you to experience it for yourself. Would you like to join us? RSVP HERE

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