How to Get Your Golf Attire Up to Par

How to Get Your Golf Attire Up to Par


A little birdie told me, it’s golf season and you want to not only play well but look the part. Whether you’re socializing and playing it carefree and cool or perhaps it’s a networking/business meeting on the course, here’s how to stand out, look luxury and make the most of athletic-inspired pieces. 

Make it Masters, baby. Let’s swing those clubs and look like a style pro with the following tips. Heck, even if you don’t golf at all, you can steal a few pointers on how to create the look that’s preppy, sporty and country club approved. 



It’s a no brainer, but you don’t have to be basic about it. Eton carries a line of polo shirts in fabrics that offer a luxurious texture so you feel comfortable outside. The best part is that you can wear this shirt to the office on casual Fridays. Forego navy and black (too hot in the sun) and try color! Summertime is the ideal season to embrace hues outside your comfort zone so a flattering coral is a decidedly handsome touch that naturally has the eyes focusing on and highlighting your face. If you do want to stay traditional in navy (we’ll cut you some slack), Brunello Cucinelli is an Italian-made line that’s the pinnacle of luxury and shows good taste and class (that’ll intimidate them and throw them off their game). The line offers closet staples and the polo shirts feature a breathable cotton-piqueé construction so again, comfort comes first. If you’re a steadfast sports guy, you can load up on collared moisture-wicking pieces that provide temperature regulation. It’s important to note that many country clubs require a collar so polo shirts are your best bet. 




Ladies wanting more feminine pieces can opt for sleeveless styles or pieces where they can add fashionable elements such as ties at the waist or graphic prints. Look for stretchy and breathable fabrics and anything that’s breezy and ready for a day outdoors. Blousy, linen pieces (collar included) can be worn even for lounging inside the country club. If you’re struggling, remember to lean into preppy styles and you’ll be on the right side of inspiration. 

Style tip for all: Feeling yourself? Pop the collar (no, really!). Look for polos with a chest pocket or sans buttons for a more exclusive feel. Striped or piping accents bring an air of sophistication as well. 


Golf style can be integrated into everyday life (and should be if you’re constantly at the course then heading into your next after-hours meeting, dinner or quick coffee date with business associates). If you love chambray and its easy sophistication, the material offers a modern visual and looks right at home with polo shirts. It offers a fresh and youthful vibe as well and having lunch at the course means still keeping in theme and looking the part. Look for hybrid pieces that can be worn out on the golf course and to the boardwalk. Moisture-wicking pieces that have all-occasion appeal are worth your money so shorts aren’t relegated to just one sport. Again, stripes and color hint at your personality and get you noticed. 



Style tip for him: When the weather is cooler, look for trouser pants that balance a casual golf game vibe with professional appeal. PT01 offers a Kinetic slim fit trouser in grey that’s a player’s dream. They are ultra-thin, offer stretch performance, are crease and pill-resistant and offer UV protection. Add the discrete zipper pockets to hold your phone, score card and cash and life just became way easier. 

Ladies, try feminine details such as built in ties and bows at the waist. These are simple ways to stand out. Even retro skort styles offer you the coverage you need but with the look you want. Remember the plaid golf pants of the 70s? Let’s bring back those quirky classics and panache. 




Cultivate that three-piece rule with the third piece being a small, accessory. Adding a luxury belt creates a more polished visual. From sleek and sporty black to light camel and dark brown chocolate tones, treat your leather belt how women treat jewelry (always add it and have plenty of options). Silver polished buckles catch the light and woven styles with texture add an element of luxury to clothing that could benefit from a few upgrades. The lesson here is to never scrimp on the details. When you’re trying to seal a business deal and it’s your turn to tee off, all eyes are on you and the small touch of a status belt adds a little extra charm and confidence, not to mention the practicality of not having to continually tug your pants up (not cool). 



Style tip for him: Men, the style rule is to always have your belt match your pants. There are belts with colorful threads woven into the fabric and belts without holes (making sizing a snap). Being the first guy in the club to have one is clutch. 


Ladies can accessorize with a printed scarf. It will stand out and move gently in a breeze. From a vintage scarf to a logo crazy piece, it’s a small way to retain femininity. Wrap it around your neck or tie it around your ponytail. Feeling brazen? Trendy gals are even wrapping them tight around the wrist as a faux bracelet. It can add color, contrast and be the thing that sparks conversation. 



Style tip for him: Men, the style rule is to always have your belt match your pants. There are belts with colorful threads woven into the fabric and belts without holes (making sizing a snap). Being the first guy in the club to have one is clutch. 


The golf and fashion world do collide and the topic to discuss now is the Nike and Stone Island collaboration. Because you can’t stop the game for a little wind and rain, having another layer is key. Stone Island is a brand that’s actively being worn by celebrities and is redefining the common understanding of sportswear by bringing an air of adventure, advanced technology and a nod to streetwear inspiration to the scene. Look prepared and in-the-know by stocking up on Stone Island coats or even a hoodie (or two) can give you the coverage you need while never having to sacrifice style. 


Style tip for him: From get-noticed colors, advanced textile finishes and that signature logo patch on the arm, owning a Stone Island jacket means you’re in on the collab and the style game and you stay dry. 

Ladies, a nylon jacket in a springy pastel shade is the color pop everyone’s spotting against the greens. Even a light vest can be ideal for chilly mornings and can be removed as the day warms (and your game heats up). A little sporty argyle top peeking out of your jacket is sharp. With athleisure still going strong, there are plenty of lightweight pieces that offer protection but in a luxe way.



Keep your eyes on the game but make it stylish, right? While an extremely classy supplement to your golf wardrobe, sleek shades add a layer of cool to your look that’s ready for sunny days and blue skies. Tortoise shell styles for men and women offer a little more allure and work well with brown and black hues offering major versatility. 

Style tip for all: Depending on your outfit, shades are where you can experiment. Colored lenses, funky frame shapes and trendy clear and transparent styles illuminate the face. 

While golf styling can be pretty straightforward, playing with staples and knowing where to add some flavor is your best bet. Besides, sports are entertainment so give them a show to remember. 

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