House Call : What Personal Shopper Katie Damstra is doing while at home

House Call : What Personal Shopper Katie Damstra is doing while at home

We took a look at the work from home challenge and turned it into an opportunity for growth, creativity and a chance to make deeper connections (and that Dalgona coffee that’s gone viral). At A.K. Rikk’s, our team of personal stylists are the dreamers and doers creating individual style for each person who walks through the door. We thought it would be fun to take a peek at how they spend their days. 

Today we spotlight Katie Damstra. Get to know Katie and see what she's been up to while we've all been away. When the store reopens, she will be very happy to see all of you and show you what it’s like to play dress up again!




Missy : What’s the first local business you want to support, visit or shop with when social distancing eases up?


Katie : The first local business that I will want to support aside from A.K. Rikk's, when quarantine is over would have to Juice By J-- this is hands down, my ride or die Juice supplier!! Joann is one of the kindest, most hard-working people I know & truly has a passion for health and wellness. When I was living in Holland for school, Joann would insist on driving my juices all the way out to me, and was always the smiling face and big bear hug that I needed during exam week. She truly cares for her clients like she would for her family. In addition to the experience she creates for her clients, her juices are the absolute highest quality on the market. Joann just recently opened up a storefront in downtown Grand Rapids and makes amazing healthy food in addition to her yummy juices.


Missy : What’s in your Work From Home survival kit?

Katie : I have to pay tribute to some items that are 100% getting me through and keeping me sane during quarantine, my personal WFH survival kit would include -

1. My magnesium supplement gummies. These are a game CHANGER. I have been taking magnesium for quite some time but they are especially helpful when life feels out of wack and I need some internal grounding. These little bites have drastically improved my sleep, digestion and overall relaxation… the ultimate natural anxiety soother. Plus they're yummy.

2. My oversized varsity cardigan, by Nervure, from A.K. Rikk's has been an absolute staple all winter, but especially now. It keeps me warm & cozy, yet stylish & can be thrown over my PJs, workout clothes or worn with jeans and a tee.

3. My Swell water bottle has been my saving grace through this time and has kept me extra hydrated.

4. All of the Summer Fridays face masks -- literally the best masks on the market. I’ve been applying one almost every night and my skin has been loving me for it. They’re super gentle & hydrating…  prepping me for the perfect summer glow!

5. My final item that I would put in my WFH survival kit would have to be my heating pad. This thing goes with me everywhere and it has yet to let me down. It’s been amazing for these chillier days, relieving muscle soreness, headaches, cramps, and simply just keeping me cozy. 



Missy : What are the clothes that got you through this?

Katie : The clothes that are getting me through quarantine (aside from my Nervure sweater)...

• My RE/DONE graphic tee has been the perfect basic to throw under a sweater, paired with some boyfriend jeans or leggings for a casual, comfy WFH look.

• My joggers have been a staple amongst my loungewear for as long as I can remember, they’re the perfect alternative to leggings and feel like I'm in my PJ's all day.

• Since it’s gotten a bit colder I’ve pulled out my White + Warren cashmere travel wrap and have been living in it. It’s one of those pieces that is seriously hard to take off and pairs well will just about everything!

• Oversized hoodies are my absolute weakness… I've been recently stealing my brother’s Stone Island hoodie but if I can’t get my hands on that one, I resort to one of my own! Nothing feels better than being swallowed whole by a hoodie.



Missy : Act fast! An impromptu zoom meeting has been scheduled. What’s a quick way to look chic from the waist up? 


Katie : The simplest steps to achieving a chic an effortless look in a matter of minutes starts with tying my hair up in a pony (high or low), putting some simple gold hoops on, throwing a black or white tank on and finishing it off with my black or grey White + Warren travel wrap.



Missy : How do you set yourself up for success at home? Do you play music? Do you have a strict schedule? 


Katie : Some ways that I have set myself up for success through quarantine, starts with keeping myself on a daily schedule. I find that I am the most productive when I have some sort of a routine to stick to. My WFH roadmap to success started with setting a tentative wake up/bed time for myself as if I was really going into work every day. This has been essential for me to feel rested throughout my day & to keep my days consistent.

Another way I have set myself up for success, has been squeezing a workout in every morning. Being on lock down I have no excuses to skip. This has helped me stay consistent with my wake up time each morning & has done wonders for my mental health throughout quarantine.

Lastly, creating a work space that is comfortable & cozy yet quiet & tidy. I am someone who struggles to confine myself for long periods of time, so it has been helpful for me to create multiple flex work spaces throughout my home to keep me sane and productive each day.


Thanks for hanging out with us! You could be doing so many other things. Wait, that’s not true (ouch). Too soon? Catch up with us next time for another personal shopper profile. Stay healthy and safe! Our motto these days is to get through it and grow from it! <3

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