A.K. Rikk's Fall Trends 2019: Quirky Classics

A.K. Rikk's Fall Trends 2019: Quirky Classics

QUIRKY CLASSICS can’t be anymore A.K. Rikk’s if we wanted it to be. It’s all about geometric prints, plaids and 70s trippy patterned sofas. It veers off into grandma and grandpa chic and we’re here for it. Shark collars, dogtooth prints and faux fur serve the look.


Men's Quirky Classics Color Trends 

DEEP MAUVE is a trip into wine country with Merlot influences. It’s dark, moody and with ripe fruit connotations. You’ll be seeing this on scarves, coats and plush sweaters.



You’re no wall flower so you’ll appreciate STATEMENT BOLDS on the scene. It’s all about primary colors that are a bit preschool decor but with a modern twist that’s fresh--not a color pop but a gut-punch from the rainbow.




Women's Quirky Classics Color Trends

MAHOGANY is a marriage of rich chocolate brown and black that exudes emotion. It’s deeply saturated and that’s the point. Trouser pants, jackets and fur elements will seem harsh, exotic and filled with desire.



All the warmth but with none of the heat of red, TERRACOTTA is an inviting sunset that you want to walk toward and crawl inside. It has roots and sort of tugs at your heart.


That’s a quick recap of what’s to come and it’s a lot to live up to. No worries, at A.K. Rikk’s, we promise to weave one theme throughout each trend and that’s the thread of luxury.


We’re about the experience, the small taste and promise of more and the deep-dive into that life. We don’t just sell luxury pieces, we serve a lifestyle with every fabric that caresses your shoulders, each spritz of cologne--down to the sheen on your loafers. Everything is top-shelf. It’s where you belong. Let us show you how it’s done.

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