Must Have Fall Outfits: Experimenting with Textures, Color, Patterns, and Shapes

Must Have Fall Outfits: Experimenting with Textures, Color, Patterns, and Shapes

We are so excited that fall has finally arrived! Last night, our A.K. Rikk's clients and friends gathered for a fashion show featuring fall looks put together by our A.K. Rikk's Sales and Marketing teams. Guests enjoyed fall cocktails, an amazing show, and tips and product knowledge presented by President, Jim Murray, and Personal Shopper, Morgan Wallace. Check out some of the looks and tips from each category below, and check out our Facebook page for more images from the event!   



Description of category- Fall is the season of sensory overload- leaves rustling, pumpkin spice smells, etc. But those telltale fall-isms are just the start of what we love about fall. One of our biggest senses in that of touch, and fall clothes play into this extremely well- the nubby knits that you practically live in on the weekends, the buttery leather bomber jacket you’ve been dying to bring back out, and suede everything. These are the trademarks of an autumnal wardrobe, and their styling possibilities are limitless. tip- Wearing a variety of textures is okay! It creates depth to your look. If you’re afraid of too many textures, pick one statement piece- purse, hat, or bag!


Description of category- Seasons lend themselves to particular color pallets. For fall, some of these colors in the fashion world would be what you’d expect- warmer tones and shades of orange or brown. Fashion, however, is always pushing the boundaries, and in addition to these classic colors, designers typically revolve their lines around other statement colors. For example, Vogue has identified the current “it” colors as whisky brown, cherry red, digital blue, fuchsia pink, lavender, orange, sapphire yellow, olive green, marble gray, and silver. Styling tip- Don’t be afraid to dress monochromatically! Multiple shades of the same hue can work well as long as you use varying textures and shapes!


Description of category- The fall/ winter 2018-2019 print trends have some unexpected mix of patterns! Plaids, houndstooth, and herringbone aren’t going anywhere, but florals, leopard patterns, stripes, and mixes of all American patchwork/quilting are having a fashion moment. Mixing these with the colors from the last category are sure to make a statement. Styling tip- Don’t be afraid to mix patterns! If you're a beginner, start mixing patterns by replacing the solid shirt in your everyday uniform with a soft print. In the world of mixing and matching, stripes and leopard prints are considered neutrals. They'll go with just about anything. The same print in different sizes will pair well together, regardless of color scheme. When matching two or more prints, make sure that they share at least one color. That will bring the look together.


Description of category- According to StyleCaster, “chilly days and muted hues invite us to play with structure, texture, and weight.” This creates unique shapes to one’s silhouette! Layering creates unique shapes and is both fashion forward and functional- think puffers, oversized coats, capes, unique hoods and shoulders. Styling tip- Don’t worry that you look too “big” in these oversized shapes. The loose fit is very in right now, and can look so chic when it is paired with the right things. A baggy piece has to be paired with a fitted piece can look great. If you want to wear an oversized sweater, wear leggings or skinny jeans.

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