Behind the Seams With A.K. Rikk's: Meet Skylar Gottschalk

Behind the Seams With A.K. Rikk's: Meet Skylar Gottschalk

Today, as a part of our Behind the Seams with A.K. Rikk's series, we would like to introduce you to Skylar Gottschalk. Skylar joins our A.K. Rikk's family as the Ecommerce Operations Specialist. This means she’s gathering and shooting products for the website. It’s a job that requires speed and attention to detail as we receive new products daily. 

What initially drew you to A.K. Rikk's?

It was the inviting and friendly atmosphere from all the employees along with the opening position to photograph the store's product which drew me in even more because being a product photographer was my goal after graduating college. 

What is your favorite part of working at A.K. Rikk's so far?

I think my favorite part about working at A.K. Rikk’s so far is getting to work with so many different products and brands.

What have you learned this week at work?

I learned how to photograph detail shots of items that are very hard to shoot. I learned that with hard items I can break the guidelines I have to follow for the detail shot and kind of have fun with getting a good shot.

What is your favorite brand at A.K. Rikk’s?

So far my favorite brand is either Rag & Bone or AMI.

What’s the one achievement you're most proud of? 

Getting this job! I initially interviewed for it last year but it didn’t work out but I gained more experience and interviewed again and it worked out this time.

Any books you are reading right now? 

I’m currently reading two. The first one is Where the Crawdads Sing and Too Perfect: When Being in Control Gets Out of Control.

You have to sing karaoke, what song do you pick? 

Backstreet Boys, “I Want It That Way.” 

If you were able to relive a day in your life, which day would that be and why? 

April 10, 2022. It was the last day of club swimming nationals. Everyone that went got along so well and we all sang in the car on the way to our hotel. It was just such a surreal and sad trip for me because it was my last swim meet. April 10, 2022 was the day my 14-year competitive swim career ended.

What’s your most prized possession? 

My late grandma’s rings. I wear them every day.

What’s your favorite junk food? 

Any baked goods with frosting on it.

What’s your perfect Sunday? 

Sleeping in, making a yummy breakfast, then watching movies all day. If I could control the weather it would also be raining.

What’s a talent you wish you had? 

Being really good at boxing. Like, if someone tried to jump me I could easily take them down.

What is your power color? 

Black, white or grey which is boring but I feel like those colors are sleek to wear in the work world. 

As we head into the new year, do you have any resolutions? 

To drink more water. I carry around a HUGE water bottle but forget to drink out of it.

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