Behind the Seams with A.K. Rikk's: Meet Matt Sova

Behind the Seams with A.K. Rikk's: Meet Matt Sova

Today, as part of our Behind the Seams with A.K. Rikk's series, we would like to introduce you to fan favorite, Matt Sova! Matt has been with the A.K. Rikk’s family for many years and is back as a Personal Stylist (talk about iconic pairings). He’s one more friendly face on the sales floor to help you become your best self, the architect of your own beautiful life.

What initially drew you to A.K. Rikk's the first time and for you to return again?

A.K. Rikk’s was and is the best for high-end fashion in Grand Rapids so it was only natural to love this place. I came back because I love this store and the clients I helped for many years.

How long had you worked at A.K. Rikk’s? 

Fifteen years!

Because you’re an A.K. Rikk’s alum, what can you say about the heart of the store and what’s special about working here?  

The sales team truly loves fashion and helping clients. They love to help the community, making them look and feel their best. 

What is your favorite part of working at A.K. Rikk's?

It comes down to three things: Fashion, fun and community. 

What is your favorite brand?

I have so many but Isaia is my favorite.

What’s your philosophy as a personal stylist? How do you work with clients? What’s your process as you style someone? 

First, you have to get to know who you are helping and make a common connection. When I help someone, I truly like that person and put their needs first. I always love to work with a client’s personal style. I am not into reinventing someone (unless asked). I just want to make them the best version of themselves. 

When you're not at work, what could we find you doing?

I’m into family, friends, the beach, traveling, food and running outside

If you were an inanimate object, what would you be? 

Maybe a disco ball so everyone has fun and parties!

What was your best vacation ever? 

Capri, Italy! I mean Italy in general but Capri is magic. 

Who would you say is your number one fashion inspiration? 

My fashion inspiration comes from the world around me.

Which types of clothes do you collect? 

I currently have a sneaker problem. 

How do you get out of the I-don’t-have-anything-to-wear rut? 

I buy more. 

What do you have a hard time saying no to? 

Great fitting jeans, homemade dinner and bubbles. 

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve done lately? 

Answer a phone call from football quarterback Kirk Cousins. 

If you were able to relive a day in your life, which day would that be and why? 

My first day on a movie set. The first movie I was in was Wild America with Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Devon Sawa. 

What is your most used emoji?

The boom/explosion emoji 💥💥💥

You have to sing karaoke, what song do you pick?

“Save it for a Rainy Day” by Stephen Bishop. 

This concludes this Behind the Seams interview. If you’ve missed Matt, now is the time to stop into the store and shop with an old friend or for some of you, a new personality.

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