Behind the Seams With A.K. Rikk's: Meet Marjorie Clark

Behind the Seams With A.K. Rikk's: Meet Marjorie Clark

Today, as a part of our Behind the Seams with A.K. Rikk's series, we would like to introduce you to Marjorie Clark. We’re beyond thrilled to add another tailor to our team and Marjorie brings the total to four expert tailors in our tailor shop. She’s responsible for ensuring that clients are happy with the way they look through adjusting and altering garments with the mastery and skill that A.K. Rikk’s promises.

What initially drew you to A.K. Rikk's?

This place is held in very high esteem among the tailoring community. I wanted a place where I could feel valued and continue to grow. I’m truly so happy to be here.

What is your favorite part of working at A.K. Rikk's so far?

The people who work here. I’m quickly learning that this place isn’t just a place to shop. It’s an experience and everyone contributes. The store’s values are honored and demonstrated by everyone and that makes it a lot easier to have fun and succeed on a day-to-day basis.

What have you learned this week at work?

Cooperation and communication with the other amazing ladies in the tailor shop. It’s a community within a community and we’re here to help each other. I’ve put most of my focus so far into accuracy and precision. I’m learning to reconstruct garments rather than alter them. It’s been really great so far.

What is your favorite brand at A.K. Rikk’s?

That’s a tough question. We have a lot of gorgeous collections. If I had to choose, I’d say probably Ralph Lauren. I think it’s so impressive to have something for everyone while still staying true to the brand.

What was your best vacation ever?

I got married during the pandemic and we went to New Orleans for our honeymoon. It would’ve been easy to be disappointed that some things were closed or required a negative test (and then they ran out of them) but it was a one-of-a-kind experience. It wasn’t too busy and we had the opportunity to explore places we wouldn’t have gone and support local businesses. The culture, the people, the food, the jazz, it's just so incredible. We have gone back every year since and it's different every time.

What is one of your guilty pleasures?

I love the Sims. I don’t play it often but when they come out with a new expansion pack, I’m all over it for a few days.

What’s your favorite weekend ritual?

In the summer, I like to tag along with my husband for golf. I love experiencing nature, filming shots for his YouTube channel and riding around in the cart enjoying some drinks. Wintertime is more about creative projects for me. I like painting and upcycling furniture.

What food feels celebratory to you?

The best meal I’ve ever had was at the Criollo in New Orleans. I look forward to it every year. It’s their beignets with praline sauce and an espresso martini.

If you could invite any three people to a party, who would you choose?

Rainn Wilson, Johnny Depp, Tim Gunn. I just feel like they’re good, fun loving, deep people and we’d have a great time together. Also, I’ve always kind of felt Tim Gunn should be my grandpa.


What’s a big risk you’re glad you’ve taken?

Becoming a tailor. A lot of younger people aren’t pursuing this career and it took a lot of resilience and ownership to get where I am. I know I still have a lot to learn and I’ll never stop. There’s always something new to challenge yourself with in this field and I’m glad I started on this journey because I have a mental toolbox to pull from now.

If you could lose yourself for one day, where would you go and what would you do?

I would go to Scotland. I would visit Castle Cary and try to find out where my ancestors lived. I’d go to a distillery and sample some whiskey, tour the castles and countryside. Arcadia Bluffs was the closest I’ve gotten so far, which was amazing. They even have bagpipe players and it was just so beautiful. I felt a sense of home.

What’s a fact about you that nobody would guess?

I used to be a professional baker. I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and appreciating old world craft. I think there’s just something extra special about giving someone something you made with your mind and your hands, especially when it’s something as primal as food.

Any TV series or movie you just watched and loved?

I’m a huge fan of The Office. I could watch that over and over–except the Scott’s Tots episode. That’s a skip every time. Early seasons of American Horror Story were great. Right now, I’m watching the new season of Fargo. Also, I’m not sure why Last Man on Earth didn’t get more viewers. That show was so underrated.

If we scrolled through pictures on your phone, what would it mostly consist of?

I take a lot of pictures of our animals, especially my cat, Kiko. I also really enjoy taking photos from our trips and golf outings. Right now, it’s probably a project I’m working on. I’ve been trying to get better at before and after photos.

As we head into the new year, do you have any resolutions? What are they?

I have one big one that I’m focusing on. I’m trying to practice more mindfulness and being in the moment. I have a tendency towards hurry sickness. You miss out on a lot thinking that way.

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