All Dolls on Deck: Veronica Beard SS20

All Dolls on Deck: Veronica Beard SS20


Always dolled up. Never a toy. 

It’s the theme behind Veronica Beard’s spring 2020 collection. It’s that contrast of good girl gone bad. It’s mixing beauty with brains. You may adore us but we’re no play thing. 
Ladylike pinks, pastels and perky plaids still inspire us but there’s a sexy and confident undercurrent. It means taking those freshly manicured nails and tapping, knocking and punching open the glass ceiling. It means you’re a hair flip away from a promotion or a bubble bath (equally empowering). You can take your etiquette and shove it (please and thank you kindly).


Power suits, confetti tweeds and glamour in candy colorways bring a classy and self-possessed perspective. The juxtaposition is that every face has two sides. This dollface can turn vamp on you quickly. 
Remember your childhood, playing with dolls? Now you are the doll in your own life, a story of your own making. Veronica Beard’s spring vision and collection invites you to boss up (but still play dress up) in their chic suiting separates.



Our parting thoughts…

Mind your manners but embrace your inner bombshell. There’s a sisterhood of style our grandmothers, mothers and aunts passed down to us that still resonates today. Vintage wallpaper patterns and twee eyeshadow palettes in sunset shades merge with bewitching sculpted peplums, paper-bag waists and modern PVC details for more defined and controlled silhouettes.
It’s a second wind in fashion and femininity. Inhale and run with it. 
Remember Baby from the movie Dirty Dancing? She wore the pink twirly dress. She made center stage and stole the show. Nobody puts Baby in a corner. If they do, they regret it. 





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