A.K. Rikk's X ISAIA

A.K. Rikk's X ISAIA

Gianluca Isaia, Owner and CEO of ISAIA, is #ProudlyNapulitano. Gianluca is best known for his decadent style, iconic glasses, and love of Naples. His modern and contemporary tradition of Neapolitan tailoring and color is the foundation of his menswear line. A family company founded in Naples in 1920, ISAIA is intentional about tailoring, product knowledge, and quality. “Isaia produces its garments only and exclusively in Italy, at Casalnuovo di Napoli, subjecting them to severe quality checks during the many steps of production.”

 In a 2016 interview with Forbes, Gianluca said “All our collections are inspired by Naples… also inspired by the Neapolitan music, and especially by Pino Daniele.” Additionally, their messaging states, “The Isaia man is like Naples. He knows how to go beyond shared definitions and stereotypical clichés. Passionate, sophisticated, irreverent, eclectic and elegant, style for him is a matter of instinct. Dynamic, classic, contemporary, and ever-changing, he is always searching for his own style. He believes in uniqueness and his clothing expresses the most harmonious, simple and natural representation of his personality. His spontaneous, magnetic and natural elegance is tailor-made around his individuality.”

Gianluca Isaia is also known for the Corallino. What’s the Corallino? “He’s a product of Gianluca Isaia’s mind and heart. You could say, he’s a figment of Gianluca’s imagination.” He essentially is a character that teaches Neapolitan hand gestures- both traditional and contemporary, much like the ISAIA man. These gestures are centuries-old and comprehensible to “anyone, anywhere and anytime.” ISAIA even has a Corallino book that shows Gianluca demonstrating the different Neapolitan hand gestures and their significant meaning. 100% of sales from this book benefit the ENRICO ISAIA & MARIA PEPILLO FOUNDATION- Palazzo Principe Lancellotti Durzzo for the creation of a Tailoring School.

You can buy this book, ready-to-wear attire, and made-to-measure suiting at our A.K. Rikk’s X ISAIA event on March 16th and 17th. Gianluca will also be a guest of honor at a special cocktail party on Saturday, March 17 from 5:30-7:30. Ask your Personal Shopper for cocktail party details! According to ISAIA, “The brand's success is due to its ability to reinterpret the concept of history and to combine tradition with innovation, the sartorial culture of needle and thread with cutting-edge technologies, while constantly innovating its style.” You will NOT want to miss this opportunity to become #ProudlyNapulitano yourself.

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