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Reflections by Matt Black


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Our Take On It 

When filmmaker Matt Black interviews current artists, it’s personal. His perceptive queries prompt subjects to reveal intriguing pieces of their individual journeys with various media. Jeff Koons explains the childhood experiences that made his art possible; Damien Hirst shares the motivation behind his spot paintings. These twenty-one conversations are casual, comfortable, and insightful, effortlessly bringing out each artist’s personality, as if the reader were sitting in the room with him or her. Illustrated with the artists’ work, artists in their studios, and shots from Black’s video interviews, Reflections: In Conversation with Today’s Artists is a unique foray from the printed page into the world of the cinematic—a collage-like work of art in itself.


The Details (Are Everything)

  • 220 pages
  • 100 illustrations 
  • English language 
  • Released in December 2016
  • W 9.88  x L 12.99 x D 1.30  inches 
  • 5.5 lb


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