How to Style Sneakers

How to Style Sneakers

Sneakers have long been viewed as the "casual" outfit option, typically reserved for jeans, shorts, sweats, and athletic wear; however, the sneaker trend has evolved the last few years! Have you considered wearing sneakers with your work suit? How about a pair of dress pants or even a dress? As much as we love heels, ladies, let's admit it - there have definitely been times that a sneaker seems much more practical (and comfortable) for particular work or event occasions. Lucky for us, not only is it functional now, but it is trendy and stylish, too!  

As we mentioned in our post about the track pant trend, the hard and fast "rules" of fashion are changing. With streetwear evolving as a market and influencer street style photos from Paris, London, Milan, and New York taking over your Pinterest feed, we want to show you more from the trend and how you can incorporate the look from your closet. 

The most important thing about sporting this look is remembering to keep it balanced. You are towing the line between traditionally feminine silhouettes and materials, but adding a more athletic, masculine edge. In the summer time, wear a lightweight dress with a lightweight pair of sneakers in eyelet or canvas materials. Typically, lower sneakers pair better with dresses by creating better proportions that don't visually cut off your legs. When it's cooler outside, go for thick fabric dresses like wool and pair it with patent leather or suede sneaker.  If you don't have a large sneaker collection, inch your way into this trend by selecting something in classic white or black as they will be the most versatile and can go with any print or pattern. 

Need help achieving this look or the proper proportions? Schedule an appointment with one of our Personal Stylists! Our Personal Stylists can help curate outfits and sneakers and give you all the tips and tricks at your appointment. While in-store, be sure to request to see the limited edition Golden Goose and Swarovski collaboration sneaker!

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