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Zegna Conclave

Posted on August 29 2011

This past week A.K.RIKK'S had the opportunity of being grouped in with the rest of the nation's best specialty stores by invitation to attend the Zegna Conclave in Las Vegas. Aside from being treated to great company and an impeccable wine list at dinner, Jim and I were given an abundance of information pertaining to the vast amount of handwork involved in creating Ermenegildo Zegna's fantastic product.
One of the longer modules was directed at explaining the process that Zegna uses in screen printing their amazing silk ties.
Printing designs on silk or other cloth dates back to A.D. 220 in China and was brought to Egypt in the 4th century where it was later learned by tradesman and brought to Europe. The difference between just dying the silk and screen printing is that in the dying process the entire fabric is covered with a color uniformly, where in the screen printing process, 15 different wood carved screens are applied with differing colors in order to create the one of a kind design. A truly labor intensive process that involved so much research and time in preparation for obtaining the final product.