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Work out gear as life wear?

Posted on December 18 2014

So I am certain you have seen "that person" either in the airport, walking down the block or maybe even, for shame, at dinner with....yes...sweatpants? What does it all mean? North Korea has nukes pointed at an LA movie theatre, Ebola is running rampant, Taylor Swift just turned 25 and people are wearing sweatpants to work!! What is this world coming to? Let's back up for a minute though. This fashion-isto might be giving the thumbs up for this type of workwear/streetwear/loungewear whatever you might want to call it. I just think it has to pertain to what you do for a career and how you do it. Maybe you are a creative at a design firm, or a trainer, or possibly an exec at a new tech start up? Sweatpants are ok. However, if you work in finance, healthcare (yes I'm calling all you scrub-wear-ers out!) or government I would say a big no, people need to trust that you are a master in your field, and looking like you are just lounging around or just got up from watching the big game and are running to the fridge to grab another cold one, simply won't work. SO...honestly I don't know, I do know that these street-photogs captured some people doing it right. You tell me?   Images via:, Tommy Ton, and