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Who do you want to be?

Posted on January 15 2015

We are 14 days into this new year and I am sure some of us have already blown our resolutions and we are now experiencing worthiness issues or we feel defeated and have lost all the enthusiasm that a new year can bring. Well, stop right there! You can start over anytime you want. Not just start over, you can decide at any given moment that you are going to take up a new hobby, quit a bad habit, or start that business you have always dreamed of. Today cemented this idea for me! However, before we discuss today, let me give you a small insight into my life. When I was 28 (I am now 37) I started casually reading leadership books. Previous to this I had spent most of time reading philosophy, religious, or biography materials. However, at 28 it hit me that all I want to do is “help” people. After struggling with this idea for a couple of years I realized that I loved to coach. I had only coached baseball up to this point, but I knew I wanted to coach people in life. I sold my business and moved into an arena that I was vaguely familiar with. Social work. I ran a twelve bed boys home with a staff of twenty and this allowed me to start my life’s mission. After supervising the home for a few years I ended up with the opportunity I am currently in. I decided that I would not work for money (I believed it would come because of my passion), but give everything I have to this idea that I was blessed to have and see the cards I would be dealt because of it. Now getting back to today. Erica our Events Coordinator set up a tour (of A.K. Rikk’s) with an area high school and their teacher. Jim, Emily, and myself were asked to speak to the kids about our jobs at A.K. Rikk’s and how we ended up working in this industry. This is all pretty straightforward, right? It was! We each gave a fifteen minute presentation and also had a Q&A for the kids so that they could get the questions they had answered. All of this was on course with how these things go. But, then we had someone that had listened to the talks we gave come up to Jim and I and tell us they appreciated hearing what we had to say. Then they started talking about their own life and referenced how they have been “afraid” to do what they really wanted to do. This got me thinking….. It’s NEVER too late to live from your heart. The only difference is the older we get the more logic we have to use as a barometer because of that little word, responsibility. Take a small step everyday! Write out your purpose and realize living from your heart is inspiring someone else to do the same. I have read that you “either live with the pain of discipline or the pain of regret”. Which one will you decide? Lastly, New Year’s resolutions are not just about changing habits. Whether they be adding something into your life or taking something away. New Year’s resolutions are about taking a step towards who you want to be. We all have that tiny voice inside of us that spurs these ideas of how we can be better. At the same time we have another voice that combats the good pure voice that calls out to us. Listen to that pure voice. The more you listen to it and take those small steps the louder it gets. Start today! Go and do something that frightens you!