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What would you do?

Posted on March 25 2010

Because the staff here at the A.K. conglomerate travels to New York so much to make sure that our friends are always up to speed, we get asked the following questions a lot:

Where do you guys stay?
Where do you guys eat?
Where do you guys party?

Well, grab a stone, lets kill some birds...

The Ace Hotel

Not the most spacious rooms, however Breslin, the hotels restaurant can't be beat for atmosphere. In the lobby one can always find a Latvian model from the last Tom Ford ad, sipping something clear and trying her best to look like she is ignoring everyone. Don't worry though, she'll probably make her way to the basement/lounge about midnight to celebrate life with the rest of the art dealer/fashion crowd.
The next morning you can nurse your hangover at the hotel's city-wide famous coffee shop, where period dressed baristas will take 10 minutes to make the best cup of expresso you've ever had. Hey, maybe you'll be grabbing an extra cup for a certain Latvian someone back in your hotel room.....