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What we are watching: The World Series

Posted on October 29 2014

With game seven of the World Series a few hours away I started thinking about the saying, “baseball is a metaphor for life”. This can be taken in so many different directions, but for now I want to focus on the underdog story. When a baseball season begins there are 30 teams who are in contention to compete to become the best team that year. As we sit waiting for this game to start I cannot help but to root for the Kansas City Royals (naturally we lean that way because of Baldwin Denim is manufactured there). There is not one analysis, coach, scout, or fan that would have probably picked them to be playing in the World Series. However, the Royals showed up to the ole ballpark day in and day out for the last seven months playing the games and believing that they could win. They decided to build their team on doing the little things. They have stayed focused and have been true to who they are and have stuck to what they are good at.   As with everything that I take time out of my life to do I try and learn from what I watch and what I experience. So, here is my take away from this World Series. In life, if you show up everyday and do the little things you will at some point and time be able to compete with “the big boys”. Stay focused and believe in yourself and you will be performing on the stage that you want to perform on.   Go Royals!