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Posted on June 30 2010


In the next few weeks you are going to see a media blitz surrounding an event that will take place in Grand Rapids this coming fall. In order to field the enormous response so far, I want to talk about what has happened already, and what will be going on September 10th, 2010.

Last year Vogue magazine sat down with the Council of Fashion Designers of America to talk about the state of the fashion industry in New York City. You might not know this but the collective industry employs 175,000 people, and is responsible for ten billion dollars in wages just in New York City alone. Over the last few years this industry has taken a beating along with the rest of the country, which is why Vogue and the CFDA felt they needed to create something to put the excitement back into shopping.

What they came up with was a one-night event called Fashions Night Out! Over 800 stores kept their doors open late and held over the top shopping parties for crowds of people. Through the combination of limited edition product, celebrity shoppers, live music, in-store contests, and great food and drinks the night was an absolute success for all the stores, and really kept the life-blood of the industry moving in the city!

This spring the Fashions Night Out Group opened the event up to cities around the world to participate. In response Paris, Tokyo, Milan, London, Shang Hai, Rome and countless others are having shopping nights of their own!

Three months ago, A.K.RIKKS contacted Vogue in order to see how we could get Grand Rapids involved. After much deliberation and red tape the U.S. will be having three Fashions Night Out locales: New York, Los Angeles, and Grand Rapids, Michigan!

I wrote this blog in order to answer the question:

What is Fashions Night Out?

Stay tuned for more in this series: Why Grand Rapids?  What can you do?