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This dress is $68,000

Posted on June 11 2013

Yep, you read that right. Sixty-eight THOUSAND. reports that in Saunt Larent's new SoHo store, there is a little floral babydoll-style dress that you might recognize from their Fall 2013 ad campaign with it-girl Cara Delevinge (see above). And you may think in your head "that's cute" but as you slowly look at the price, all four years of your college career might flash before your eyes because, yep, you definitely (or probably) paid less in tuition than what that dress is worth.

And you may think in your head, well that doesn't surprise me because fashion gets pretty expensive. Well, not THIS expensive. A Chanel haute couture gown starts at $30,000. 

So, when you're at the bar this weekend (or tonight?), and your friend is telling you about a lost Egyptian city revealed after 1,200 years under the sea, drop some knowledge on them and tell them about this $68,000 dress. Boom.