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The Zegna difference

Posted on March 14 2013

Whenever we have a trunk show weekend, we always welcome the curious, and questioning client who is wondering what all the mailers, emails and facebook posts are all about. We always get one major question during our Zegna trunk show, and that is: "What's so special about the wool, what makes it different?" Well here is your answer sir: This April is the 50th annual celebration of the Golden Fleece Award, which is a milestone that Ermenegildo Zegna offers all wool growers around the world, which they in turn use to find the best wool. To celebrate this year Zegna is getting ready for 3 days of festivities from April 21-23 which will include press dinners, farm visits and a multimedia production at the Royal Hall of industries in Sydney. Wool growers from Mongolia, Italy, the UK, and Australia will attend to compete for the prize, which usually is awarded to the Australian growers who have perfected superfine merino into strands that are 18.5 microns thin or finer.
Our Ermenegildo Zegna trunk show will run from today until Friday.