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The Morning After [Bag]

Posted on January 08 2013

Which morning-after would you be? The classic MAB or the neon MAB?

The classic MAB night:

You pour yourself a glass of cabernet to warm up on this cold, January night. After slipping into your favorite pair of skinny jeans, you walk over to your closet to examine your options. Will you go with a cozy sweater... a long-sleeve, flowy blouse... or perhaps a nice blazer? Finally you choose a beautiful silk button-up blouse and pop on a pair of booties. The doorbell rings. You snatch up your chocolate brown MAB that you carry around with you everywhere. You and your boyfriend head downtown to a wine bar where the two of you have a wonderful dinner and evening. The next morning you wake up early and bright-eyed for a day full of errands, shopping, and lunch date with a friend. After putting together a casual and comfortable outfit, you throw your essentials into your MAB: sunglasses, keys, wallet, cell phone, granola bar, and your lip gloss. This is your morning-after.

The neon-neutral basketweave MAB night:

The weather is starting to get a little better and there is this one dress in the back of your closet that you bought in the dead-middle and cold of winter. Now is your chance. You put on the highlighter pink dress with an orange print and lace up your pair of high-top sneakers. Yep, it's going to be a long night. Realizing you left your phone in your neon-neutral MAB, you run to it and check your messages: 11 unread. Your friends are blowing up your phone. "Where are you?" "Why aren't you here yet?" You hate calling it this, but it's a girl's night on the town. You race out the door to meet your friends- not forgetting your MAB bag. You spend the entire night dancing and drinking and the next day you wake up at eleven to find yourself in someone else's bedroom. You look over to your left and your friend is laying there passed out on her bed. To your right you see three sleeping bodies on the floor. You reach for your MAB and pull out your makeup remover wipes, phone charger, and moisturizer. This is your morning-after.