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The Kennedys

Posted on April 04 2011

I'm sure you have had at least a blip on your radar about the upcoming movie/mini series "The Kennedys" coming to the Reelz network. The fictional "documentary" starring Katie Holmes and Greg Kinnear for leads was shot down from airing on the History Channel due to certain facts being skewed in order to create a more dramatic storyline. This is a fashion blog though, so I will comment on how great the costuming looks, at least it will be one aspect of the series that is spot on to the times. 

I am a little concerned with future generation's perception of the "The Greatest Generation", at least there are other options displaying the character of America's family. If you want a closer look at the style of the troupe you need to check out "Portrait of Camelot: A thousand days in the Kennedy White House", by Richard Reeves. Mr. Reeves does not wax on about scandal and drama, but what he does do is paint a perfect picture of the court with his lens.