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The Investment Purchase

Posted on June 18 2014

Dreaded and loved, the investment purchase is a big deal for those who are willing  to "make it rain" for that perfect piece of Cucinelli or Isaia. For us at A.K. Rikk's, it's a never-ending internal battle with ourselves not to buy something each time a new shipment comes in. With a little time and a few really, REALLY small paychecks later, we've learned to place some healthy boundaries between ourselves and the $$$ sections. In spirit of National Splurge Day AND our favorite holiday that comes twice a year, The A.K. Rikk's Semi-Annual Sale, we may have to say "OK" but just this once...     Harper's BAZAAR totally NAILED IT on the head in "The 7 Stages of An Investment Purchase". Use them as a guide for your next shopping trip! Better yet, come and see us and we'll help you through whatever stage you're going through! 1.Crushing - "OMG I need the new Rag & Bone Justine Skinny!" OR "This custom swatch would be so good as a suit." 2.Bargaining - "The Justine Skinny is NOTHING like the High Rise...If noone buys them today, it's meant to be."  3.Denial - "I have so many pairs of jeans though..."  4.Mind Games - "If no one buys them today, it's meant to be..." 5.The Downgrade - Your Options: Walk Away... :( OR The Plunge! :D What Could Happen: Guilt...:( OR Vindication?! Choose your destiny.. Check out the definitions of each stage here!