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The future is here and it moves

Posted on August 06 2013

I know there is going to be a time later on in my life that I will look back on this post and think about how stupid I am for being this excited. It's like watching that Seinfeld episode where Jerry is talking to Nina ("NINA!!") about "The Internet" and "electronic mail."
There are some similar trends in gastronomy and fashion and they both have to do with the "living." That sounds creepy but it's actually beautiful and amazing. I'll start with the food.
Artist Minsu Kim dubbed the project "Living Food," in which he uses synthetic biology to create dishes made from artificial ingredients that move on the plate.
"I designed future dining experience where food behaves like a living creature, entertaining an empathetic connection... what if food was able to create hyper-sensations in our mouth?"
What he is referring to here is that our tongue's taste receptors interact differently with living, moving foods. Therefore, chowing down on a regular dish is going feel and taste completely differently than eating food that was still "living." To get scientific, the tongue has the most sensitive tactile fibers on the tip and front of it and the roof of the mouth, when eating moving food, shows the most intensive reaction.
To use an overused term (I apologize),  I'm a "foodie" so I'm sort of flipping out over this. I'd kill to give this a try. To see a video of Kim's food, click here.
Now let's move on to the clothes. Artist and fashion professor Ying Gao has created beautiful living dresses that move in response to a person's gaze. Using sensory technologies, Gao creates garments that explore external and social forces that influence the individual and fashion. Click here to see a video of these "living dresses." When speaking about fashion, Gao has a lot to say about the fashion industry, consumerism, and fashion:
"There are some very interesting histories sand thoughts and innovations... We have to live with the idea that fashion is a product now. But it doesn't have to remain only a product, because it has not always been this way. Clothing is not fashion, and fashion is not clothing. Even fashion is different from the fashion system."
Seeing that histories effect fashion, Gao has turned to technology. " I think that people easily find fashion and technology beautiful, because unconsciously, they know they will disappear tomorrow," she states. "As human beings, we tend to like things that we know are fragile and ephemeral." And that is exactly what her "living" dresses evoke. Delicate and beautiful, her dresses seem to float effortlessly. Using super organza, photo luminescent thread, PVDF, and imbedded eye tracking technology, these living dresses change the social interactions people have with one another.