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On Marriage

Posted on March 05 2013

Ok bra, she has you in a corner, no amount of sidestepping or delay tactics are helping. Admit it, she's a total fox, her investment banker Dad has a cushy job for you that involves something called a desk, and her family's place in Turks has some bro-tential for a guy trip like none other. You're cooked. 
So how are you going to crush this whole wedding thing? By completely setting it up on the five yard line at A.K.RIKK'S. Showing up half-assed with a huge rented tuxedo or your "lucky" UNC blue rep tie with the beer and co-ed puke stains on it are just not going to cut it. Please, do yourself a favor and let one of our wedding specialists make you at least look like a Bro King!