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Nudie Jeans Q&A with Corey Spencer

Posted on September 23 2015

1. What is the Nudie Jeans philosophy?

Well, it’s multi-pronged and evolves as we grow, but the basic gist is this: We believe in responsibly sourced, responsibly made, un-gimmicky clothing. We believe clothes should be loved, and loved hard for a long time.  We think clothes fuse with your character as you journey through life. That’s why we call jeans a second skin because your jeans become what you become as you wear them and--wiser and more beautiful (hopefully).  We encourage our customers to wear their jeans and clothing with ruthless abandon-- as we would encourage them to live life too!-- to repair them when they’re broke, and to remember them fondly as the memory’s they created while wearing them. They’re part of them, too! They hold the charms of good memories and the overcoming of passed struggles! They show the scars and smudges of your life, man! That’s serious! Maybe it's romantic, but that’s ok. Everyone could use more romance. We personally love a little romance while listening to The Scorpions “Rock You Like A Hurricane".

"We think clothes fuse with your character as you journey through life."

2. What makes a pair of Nudie Jeans so special?

The people wearing them! And, of course, production, design, sourcing, etc.  Really, you have to know about Nudie to want to buy Nudie. We made a choice not to advertise in Vogue, GQ, next to Coach and Diesel.  The “models” in our look books are our friends! We believe in reality’s inherent style—we think natural imperfections are “sexy” and “fresh.” Not cold, boring perfection.  I’m always surprised at the  variety of asses I see in Nudie Jeans on the Subway or the streets of NYC: big, small, flat, square, from nice to sad—I think the person with that ass understands their inherent sexiness because they know Nudie Jeans’ philosophy. And that makes me excited. So, again, it’s quite literally the people wearing them that makes them special to me.  We are a brand that is multi-valenced, complicated, hard to pin down, and not perfect. Just like real human beings.

"It’s quite literally the people wearing them that makes them special to me."

3. They are said to be a very responsible brand, can you tell me what that means?

The word “responsible” has garnered an unfair connotation of lameness over the years, but we think being responsible is super fucking cool.
We do hold ourselves up to an aggressive standard when it comes to sourcing materials and manufacturing our clothing.  There is quite a bit I could discuss, but instead I’ll give you some bullet points and the rest can be found on our website at

-All of our jeans are made from 100% organic cotton. This is huge as cotton is brutal on soil nutrients and is a major crop harvested worldwide.

-We source more organic cotton than any other fashion company in the world. We’ve also been sourcing more and more Fair Trade Cotton;

-I mentioned earlier we believe in repairing your denim when it breaks (as Duchamp said, “it’s better with the cracks”) Thus, we repaired, for free, over 30,000 pairs of jeans in 2014.  We’re set to repair significantly more this year

-All of our manufacturing partners are 1.) not only listed online for customer’s perusal on our production guide: 2.) but so are all of our independent audits of these facilities to ensure anyone making our clothing is receiving fair compensation, health insurance, paid time off, etc.

-We are a member of Fair Wear Foundation and have been partners with Amnesty International for years.  They both help us both oversee our production facilities and find fair avenues of sourcing. They’re also great people!

Basically, we believe honesty is the best policy. If you do what’s right and stay true to your values there’s no need for a bunch of foo-foo advertising. The product speaks for itself.
Our Nudie Trunk Show is Thursday, September 24th to Saturday, September 26th. Plus, stop by Saturday from 12 - 4pm to see Michael Schaeffer create live limited edition denim jackets and tees. Call 616.957.3242 for more information and to make an appointment.