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Posted on June 14 2011

Brunello Cucinelli

The A.K.RIKK'S team has taken a large portion of their time this past buying season to decide what our friends that shop with us might be lacking. At the top of our list was the lifestyle of Cucinelli. 

Nestled away in the quaint village of Solomeo in the Umbria region of central Italy, is a 14th century castle where men and women gather every morning with the sound of church bells to go to work. The small rolling sea of people file into the castle in grey uniforms resembles monks at morning prayer. They will spend their morning crafting the world's greatest cashmere, meticulous at every step, from the initial weaving all the way to centimeter by centimeter of inspection, ensuring each piece is to the standard of perfection. 

Noon comes and again the church bells ring, not to signal the hour, but to call the entire company to lunch. Everyone has an assigned seat, mixing the executives with the textile workers, like a family, an Italian family.

We are so happy to be bringing this lifestyle to all of our friends, being able to share what it means to enjoy something beautiful.