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Posted on December 17 2013

Our third featured home was lived in by someone we hold dear to our hearts and have had the immense pleasure of visiting while in New York. A designer A.K. Rikk’s carries, none other than Adam Lippes. His clothing is known for having a clean and sophisticated feminine attention to detail utilizing the most luxurious fabrics. The phrase “you are what you eat” comes to mind when spotting similar ideas and concepts inside this home. In a walk-through tour of Adam Lippes’s West Village penthouse done by New York Magazine, you will witness his taste certainly does carry over into his personal life. Although Adam has moved on to greener pastures and sold this place in 2011, we at A.K. Rikk’s are still inspired by his ability to take such a place and making it into his own. Starting by completely gutting the apartment and restoring it to start fresh, he had a definite idea in his mind of what type of place he saw himself living in aesthetically and practically. Then filling the space with a mixture of new, vintage and custom pieces harmoniously made the space a home fit for a high end designer. We especially loved the one-of-a-kind silk wallpaper feature in his dining room, the perfectly curated furniture pieces, and the openness of the outdoor terraces highlighted by the large windows. Enjoy New York Magazines video tour and a few images.