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Las Vegas re-cap

Posted on October 13 2014

Adeshola Makinde on our August trip to Las Vegas: "We all departed for Las Vegas a little bit over a month ago, on August 16, 2014. This was the most people the A.K. Rikk’s team has ever brought on a trip with 13 of us going. It was a trip that was going to allow for us to all learn the buying process even though a lot of us may not do that on a day to day basis at the store, but the trip also allowed for us to partake in some different team building activities so that we could get closer. Las Vegas is a place that has a reputation that differs depending on who you ask, but I feel as though there’s a general consensus that would say Las Vegas is a very wild city. When we landed we were not only greeted by our driver from Magic Tradeshow, but also by the driest heat that I have experienced in my life. One of the most life changing things that any of us did during this trip was when we were all able to cross off some bucket list items. We were able to drive four hours to Arizona and then another hour down to the Grand Canyon where we whitewater rafted down the Colorado River for an hour through different level rapids. Then we were able to then fly a helicopter out of the Canyon where we met our driver and went to the Hoover Dam. We were all ever so grateful to do all of these things in one day. The first day of market was an amazing learning experience. We split into 2 groups where some of us would go and do the buys for Men’s and Women’s respectively. This was an amazing learning experience for me personally because it kind of allowed for me to see why we buy what we buy, but it also taught me that you have to eliminate yourself completely from the equation when you are buying for a store because the clients who will be purchasing the things we buy are more important. Another amazing thing about being at market was being in rooms where everyone “got it” as far as what we were all there for; which is fashion. It also made me understand a motto we all like to live everyday by in the store, which is: “help make people better versions of themselves”. While in Las Vegas we were also able to go on a tour of Zappos Corporate Office where their CEO, Tony Hsieh has been rebuilding one downtown building at a time. It was great to see how a company of Zappos’ nature ran, especially because we modeled our core vales after them and look up to how they have made such a successful company by believing in what they believe in. This trip was a something that I personally was so honored to be apart of because I have only been at A.K. Rikk’s for 4 months and to have gone on a trip like that in such a short time made me realize what A.K. Rikk’s has to offer as a store, but it also made me value what we are about as a team. Here’s to many more inspiring trips of this nature and to getting closer to our teammates."   (photos also by Adeshola Makinde)