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Isaia & Montante Cicli

Posted on November 09 2010

If you happen to stop by the Napoli Isaia shop next time you find yourself stranded amidst the Italian country-side, you might want to go inside and have a tailor with forty years experience measure you for a new Isaia suit. As you finish your wine and are walking through the shop you will notice a bicycle or two strewn about the place. If you feel the need to ask and have a desire to cruise about the city a "La Dolce Vita", one of the specialists can fit you for a custom bicycle by Milan based Montante Cicli. The unique thing about this bicycle is that it has you, the sartorialist that you are in mind. Not only is the bike customized to your height, weight, and riding ability; you can give it the sense of sprezzatura that you already possess by choosing the (Isaia cloth) fabric for the seat and the handlebars. The bike was designed specifically with the well dressed man in mind with splash guards on the wheels to make sure you are not drenched; it also has a felt covering that encapsulates the gears and chain to ensure no grease streaks your brown suede brogues. The details that can be attended to could fill a book, just know that this is a jewel on two wheels made for the man with the priceless wardrobe.