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How to avoid "Toemageddon" A.K. Rikk's style!

Posted on May 24 2013

We're totally feeling Julianne Moore's pain lately. Although warmer weather is kinda sorta here, there is still a lot of pressure to dress the part. Not only do we stress over the daunting bikini bod and golden tan but we have to be ready to embrace the season head to toe. Julianne Moore is no exception and gosh do we love her for being our guinea pig for this blog post inspiration! Check out Moore's nightmarish red carpet story on where you'll learn the newly coined term for shoe malfunctions, "Toemageddon". Between the Cannes film festival and the AMFAR Gala, it seems as though all of the celebrities are stepping out in their finest this week and the stakes are high! For those who are in need of a few shoe tips so they do not repeat fashion history, we suggest a sandal with a sling back or peep toe detail or try to look for one with thicker straps. Until you've mastered these ones, we suggest leaving the strappy pairs to the pros!